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Glass: Love or Kill?

Have you ever thought that glass can easily become an instrument of crime? Have you ever thought that, after a guy injures a girl with a piece of glass, she can forgive him, visit him in jail, send him “I love you” messages, and even agree to marry him? Seems like we are talking about some fiction story or a new detective written for a melodramatic audience. In reality, we at glass repair Gilbert have no time for jokes. Here we will have to look at glass from a new, criminal perspective. Here, we will have to ask everyone to be much more careful while choosing their mates.

Everything happens. Nothing is impossible in this life. We watch thousands of people starting new relationships, fighting hard to win somebody else’s heart, losing these relationships, and doing stupid things. Very often, glass becomes an essential element of people’s daily lives. For example, it is not unusual for a guy to give a glass souvenir or present to a girl he really likes. Glass is romantic, but it is also killing.

Almost a year ago, a young jealous guy living at Platt Bridge gashed his girlfriend’s head with a piece of glass. No need to say, the guy was also drunk. From being an effective defense, a piece of window glass suddenly turned into a tool of physical injury. A few weeks ago, the guy was sentenced to 12 months in jail for an assault that caused serious bodily harm. The most surprising is the fact that the girl who suffered a serious bodily injury did not leave her boyfriend. Moreover, she accepted his proposal and they got married. Now she visits him in jail and seems to be happy.

Definitely, glass can be killing. However, it can also be romantic and powerful. We at glass repair Gilbert never know what waits for us ahead. However, we are the ones to decide what power and purpose we assign to a piece of glass in our hands.

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