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Glass Has Emotions – The Power of Glass Art

Glass as the instrument and element of art has been used for centuries. It seems that, since the very beginning of its history, glass has become a remarkable ingredient of many artistic endeavors. When we say that there are no limits to creativity, we also mean that there are no limits to art creativity. We also mean that there are no limits to glass creativity, and when we at glass repair Gilbert say it we mean it!

Here, we want to remind our readers that there is always some space for pleasure and self-fulfillment. Even in glass manufacturing, where technological processes and quality standards govern all processes, art can become real, realistic, and emotional. Even today, in the age of postmodernism, where urbanization and machines are more common than humans, there is still a plenty of talented artists that work with glass. One of them is Kiki Smith, 56 years old, a woman of outstanding talent whose glass works are simply fascinating.

We at glass repair Gilbert decided to look closer at the most essential features of glass art. It should be noted, that Kiki works with stained glass, and she is a popular participant of many international glass shows. In 2010, she organized a personal exhibition named “I Myself Have Seen It” in Seattle, once again tried to prove that glass could express emotions. Kiki Smith studied art at the Experimental Glass Workshop in Little Italy, the New York Times reports. Thus, it comes as no surprise seeing so much experimenting and unusualness in her works. The most surprising, however, is the fact that Ms. Smith does not believe she is a master of glass art. This modesty that borders on humility adds decency to her personal image.

We take pride in being part of the American glass industry. We are proud to know that there are talented artists willing to work with glass. We are happy to see that thousands of people come to art galleries looking for new glass works. We hope that this glass art movement will never stop.

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