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Glass Pool Fences


Many states have pool barrier and fencing laws.  In Arizona, there are regulations on both the state and municipal levels.  In Chandler, for instance, pool barriers must be between six and seven feet high and contructed from concrete, masonry, or decorative fencing.  The term decorative fencing is quite broad – it can include wrought iron, but not wood, which rots quickly in the desert heat.  Some people install mesh fences, but this is hazardous as it can provide easy handholds and footholds for children to climb.  Many pool fencing materials are unsightly.  Glass is a wonderful alternative to other fencing materials.  It can be custom cut and can be installed in frames or frameless to comply with pool barrier regulations.   Outward opening gates with self-locking mechanisms can be easily installed 54 inches above the finish grade to comply with the laws.  It is prohibitive to have openings in the design of the fence that are larger than four inches but with glass, a seamless fence with no openings is still available in a variety of sleek modern finishes and custom designs. 

Glass is arguably safer than other materials in that it is much more difficult to climb and provides a flawless sight line for keeping an eye on swimmers.  For homes with view fencing, mountain views, and beautifully landscaped lots, glass is far more visually appealing and will increase the value of the home.

Glass King Window repair puts safety first.  Whether it’s home glass repair, commercial glass repair, meeting your Chandler glass needs, installing new windows or installing sun screens. Glass King makes maximum effort to ensure that every installation conforms to national, state, and local regulations,
codes, and safety standards.  That includes creating beautiful, safe pool barriers with high quality products and finishes.  The safety of your family is imperative, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty either.  Contact Glass King at 480-389-5656 for a quote on a glass pool fence today.

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