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Glass Samples

Glass King – Glass Samples

At Glass King, we use the highest quality glass products for all our projects. If you need large amounts of custom glass for commercial, or even just a simple window replacement, Glass King is here for you.

We use various glass styles that differ in design, clarity and texture. We give you tons of options that you can choose from at an affordable price. You can view a couple of our glass samples below to start getting ideas. If you’d like to see more glass samples or need help choosing the right glass samples for your project, contact us today for more options and information.

Professionally Crafted Glass Edgework

Edgework can boost aesthetics, performance, safety and cleanliness while improving structural tolerance and helps prevent glass chipping.

Glass King applies state-of-the-art machinery to be able to produce and maintain quality edgework but more importantly we aim for 100% perfection on each job that we take on.

Customers can choose the design to their requirements With four professionally crafted glass edgework options. Glass King is capable to produce glass ranging from a 0.5 inch bevel to a 2 inch bevel or table tops with consistent and elegant pencil polish. Take advantage of efficient glass edgework and give your glass that slick final touch it deserves.

Below, are some common glass edgework types and their exclusive benefits.

Beveled Edge

The term “beveled” specifies to a glass that has its edges cut and refined to a specific angle and size in order to deliver a specific polished look. This procedure leaves the glass thinner throughout the edges, while the large middle section remains the typical glass thickness.

This type of edgework boosts sense of depth on the glass. It involves flat grinding glass edges until they are flattened and then running all edges along a belt to get rid of sharpness and eliminate chips. The finished glass features a smooth top and bottom with an exterior ground edge.

Flat Polish

As the name entails, a flat polish is a flat edge with a small chamfer on the very top and bottom. It is recommended for custom made and thicker glass table tops. It is efficient and is the perfect way to demonstrate the thickness of the glass.

Flat polished edges are by far our most trendy choice of edgework, other than the simple seamed edge. This polish is done by grinding down the edges of the glass and buffering them for a clear finish.

Seamed Edge

A straight-forward, yet standard edgework to remove the sharp edge of a glass.

Also referred to as swiped edges or safety seams, this type of glass edging is mainly employed to ensure the finished glass is secured for handling. This approach of edging does not give a smooth finished edge and is not used for decorative intent. It is the most practical edge but it is only suggested if the edges will be completely covered.

Pencil Polish

Pencil Polish edgework gives a glossy, shiny finish; excellent for a style when you want to create an extra boost. The unique finish makes pencil polishing best for aesthetics-focused applications. This finish is best for furniture pieces and the edge allows the glass to fit adequately in the furniture.

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