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What Makes Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof?

Arizona Glass continues the series of discussions about various types of glass. Today we talk about bulletproof glass and what makes it bulletproof. Differences between ordinary and bulletproof glass are not seen with the naked eye. At first glance, and Home Glass Repair Phoenix knows this, bulletproof and ordinary glass looks absolutely identical. However, years in the glazing business have taught us that bulletproof glass does possess certain unique characteristics, beyond the fact that it is bulletproof. Really, bulletproof glass looks absolutely identical to ordinary glass, but that’s where the secret lies! No one should know that this window or car window is bulletproof! However, this is where the similarities end.

Arizona Glass professionals know that bulletproof glass is a product of a complex manufacturing process, called “lamination”. This is when several layers of glass are glued together with the help of a strong polycarbonate material. In case of bulletproof glass, it is this polycarbonate material that makes it bulletproof. This polycarbonate material is thicker than the glass itself, between 7 and 80 millimeters. The most popular brands are Tuffak, Lexan and Cyrolon. Our customers often ask how the polycarbonate material works. Arizona Glass knows the secret: the polycarbonate glass absorbs the energy of the incoming bullet; as a result, the bullet stops before it reaches the last layer.

How many bullets glass can stop depends on its physical properties, the type of the polycarbonate material and the number of layers. We at Home Glass Repair Chandler know that everything also depends upon the type of the gun and bullets: a rifle bullet differs greatly from a bullet from the handgun. We have experience and knowledge to choose the type of glass you need. Just call us today to find out about the best properties of Arizona Glass products!

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