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What are Pass through Windows?

Living spaces are meant to flow naturally from one room to the next. With a functional yet stylish home, you can enjoy big open areas, great lighting, and easy accessibility. One of the best ways to maximize home and building design is to install pass through windows.

Pass through access windows are great for many applications. These windows are cut out from walls between related rooms. Originally, these windows were designed to help maids, butlers and servers deliver food to other rooms.

These days, many use these windows. They make it easy to deliver trays of food indoors or even outdoors. It allows movement of drinks and snacks from the kitchen to the dining room or to the living room, so that the cook doesn’t have to waste time or energy struggling with trays. People can also easily return and bus used plates and glasses back to the sink without going through a longer way. Many homeowners use pass through windows to create access points between the indoor kitchen bar and the outdoor barbeque area.

Installing an access window is an exciting project that can give your space that extra sense of comfortability and accessibility.

Functional Windows for Your Home

Since their creation, windows have been viewed as practical and multi-functional. They can serve the following roles:

  • Enhance the home design
  • Complement the architectural style
  • Provide needed ventilation
  • Insulate from the outdoor weather
  • Ensure privacy and security

With pass through windows, they also serve as important access points from one space to another. This is especially true in breaking down walls separating your indoor space to your outdoor serving area. You want your kitchen to be only a second away from your next barbeque or swimming pool party.

On regular days, you can sip a happy hour cocktail while enjoying the sunset view straight from your kitchen.

These windows also function to open up a space. Having too many full walls can make your home feel too crowded or even claustrophobic. By cutting out a huge rectangular piece from an indoor wall, whether it separates your kitchen from your dining room or your living room from your receiving area, you create the illusion of more space.

Types of Pass through Windows

There are different types and designs of accessible cut windows, depending on what design you envision. Many businesses even use pass through service to cater to customers on make-shift countertop.

With the different types of pass through windows, you can expand living areas to extend outdoors.

  1. Folding Windows

The panels of these windows smoothly fold to the side in order to open up a space. This option provides a wide unobstructed view of the outdoors with minimal effort to open or close.

Foldable windows can easily make your breakfast nook or bar comfortable. They can fold up to occupy a very small space. As an added bonus to most folding windows, you can control whether or not you want to open it completely or partly.

  1. Swing-up Windows

Garage-style swing-up windows are another comfortable option for increased access. Because they swing up, this type of window takes up a bit more space than folding windows.

However, the garage-style window is also easy to use and maintain, plus it can even act as a small awning for outdoor bars.

  1. Sliding Windows

These windows can be found almost everywhere, not just in pass through window selections. Sliding or rolling windows give you a lot of control when it comes to how much access you want to open up. Moreover, like foldable windows, sliding windows don’t eat up a lot of space.

  1. Push/Pull Windows

The usual windows can also work for outdoor pass through service use. While they might not be as comfortable or space-saving, they are definitely easy to install and blend with the rest of the home.

Finding Premier Pass Through Windows and Glass Solutions in Chandler AZ

Getting a pass through access installed in your home isn’t something you can do yourself. This type of project combines technical knowledge with an appreciation of design. Luckily, installing a pass through window in your home is easy with the right team. Whether the window leads to the kitchen or your bar area, it can be installed with attention to detail by Glass King.

Glass King is the leading expert in home glass and window repair. Serving the entire Phoenix Metro area. Through the years, Glass King continues to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. The company’s no risk policy, attention to detail, and ultimate professionalism will definitely impress you if you want to efficiently install or replace your existing windows.

Break down the walls and build the home of your dreams. Start serving food seamlessly and move around a more connected home. You deserve the best in home window and glass door solutions. Contact our team of glass experts today!

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