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Using Colored Glass This Time of the Year

Did you know that you can use colored glass to make your setup and decorations unique? Using colored glass is one surefire way to add a unique charm and flair to your holiday setup.

The holiday season is the time to get merry and bright. From colorful and bright lights, to well-adorned wreaths and trees, homes and business establishments go all out to celebrate this festive season. Business establishments even set up a theme to their decorations, to make the celebration memorable and Instagram-worthy for their patrons.

What Colored Glass Can Do for Your Home?

Using colored glass can add light, dimension, and sparkle to your home or your business. The way the lights in your home interact with the surface of the glass adds wonders and magic to the color scheme of your interior.

When we say colored glass, you may quickly think of stained glass. Stained glass is a popular choice and can do many wonders to your home’s or establishment’s interiors. From windows to doors to interior decorations, you can add a unique identity and personality to your home or business establishment with the use of stained glass.

But for seasonal decorations, you will need something that you can easily change after the holidays. Think outside the window. There are many other things that you can do with colored glass, other than your doors and windows.

Using Colored Glass for your Holiday Decorations

Using colored glass is not limited to windows and doors. Here are some ideas for colored glass that you can use for your decorations this season.

  • Table Tops for your Coffee Tables and Dining Tables

Glass table tops protect your tables and make them look classic and elegant. Table tops are not only for protection, they can also serve an aesthetic purpose. One way of making your tables attractive and have a character of their own is to have table tops made of colored glass.

Get colored table tops to match your holiday decorations scheme. You can also have them in your bar and countertops. Ditch the tacky holiday themed table cloths and opt for the more sophisticated and functional colored and decorative glass table tops. What’s more, you do not have to change them when a drink or soup spills on them.

  • Decorative Glass Shelves and Display

Do not limit your festive holiday decorations in your living room. Give your kitchen, study room, and bathroom the holiday cheer with decorative and colored glass shelves. Not only are they functional, they are a great way to add color and design for your space.

  • Glass Lamps and Lights

Glass lamps made of colored glass add drama and dimension to your home. Light fixtures covered in colored glass also do the same. Ditch the clear glass lamps and let your light sources add color and flavor to your space. Get lamps that use stained glass to add some artistic flair in your space. You can have them customized in Christmas colors and patterns to fit your holiday theme.

  • Glass Vases, Jars, and Bowls

You can create wonderful table centerpieces for Christmas with vases, jars, and bowls. The possibilities are quite endless. You can fill colorful bowls with Christmas balls and ornaments, or pine cones. You can put candles or greenery in colored mason jars, and line them up in your table.

If it is impossible to have a full Christmas tree in your space, you can fill red vases with pine branches or green vases with red berries for that yuletide feel. Place them by your windows, in your side tables, or anywhere else in your home. If positioned right, and near a light source, they can help light up your room in a beautiful and sophisticated way.

  • Glass Figurines and Sculptures

Colorful glass angel figurines are popular Christmas ornaments. You can hang them in your trees or by your windows. But why stick with small ornaments? You can place larger colorful angel glass figurines in your side tables or on your sideboards. Colorful glass sculptures also make beautiful garden decors and fixtures for your holiday garden parties.

For Customized Mirrors, Glass Fixtures and Decorative Glass in Phoenix for the Holiday Season, Call Glass King!

Glass King is the leading authority in glass and mirrors in Chandler AZ. We custom make mirrors and other decorative glass to suit your design needs. We can design, install, and repair your colored glass fixtures. From windows, doors, table tops, glass shelves, mirrors and decorative glass, we have the right men for your glass needs.

Glass King serves both your residential and commercial glass needs. Let us help add some cheer in your home or in your business establishment this season. Let our team of glass professionals help you achieve that flawless interior and exterior through our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to every small detail. Call us now at (480) 389-5656.

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