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Through the Looking Glass

If you could step through a mirror into an alternate world, what would it look like?  How would it sound?  What would it feel like?  As creatures of intelligence and creativity, humans possess the magnificent ability to shape and master their lives.  If you think about it, what elevates humankind above the animal kingdom is manifestation.  For example, one of our employees at Glass King really wanted a new blue coat.  A teal blue one, to be exact, to match her other blue pieces of clothing.  She thought it through, envisioned it, and found it two weeks later — on sale, no less!  It was perfect.

To be honest, manifestation does not always work as easily as in that case.  The universe is interconnected and our desires, dreams, wishes, and whims do not always coordinate well with what is best for others.  The vast web of energy that connects humans to each other does not always yield to a manifestation no matter how hard someone tries to create it.  The solution is to shift the energy slightly in a direction that is more positive and brings more good into the world.  The coat has no adverse affects on anyone else, but asking for a particular mate for example, might end up hurting that person or someone else.

The self-help world is full of books, seminars, classes, cd’s, videos, and films dedicated to helping people manifest their true desires.  In many cases, perseverance, dedication, hard work, and an ethical standpoint are necessary to achieve those dreams.  Olympians don’t win gold medals just by thinking about them nor do authors get published by dreaming about books. 

Depending on one’s spiritual and religious beliefs, there is the opinion that sometimes the Universe just says, “No.”  This can be an utter disappointment.  Further discouragement is caused when other humans exercise their free will in negative ways and adversely impact our wants and desires.  Again, a subtle shift in energy is all it takes to circumvent or overcome those obstacles.  There are always new opportunities.  There are always other people.  There are always different perspectives.

Synchronicity is the beautiful result of shifting energy in a more positive direction and aligning with the web of vast interconnectedness that links us all.  Obstacles dissipate, resources are brought to the table, the right people come at the right time, and life flows in a smoother direction.  Often synchronicity takes us in unexpected places of our lives and brings about results far easier than if we had forced our own agendas.  Surrender and trust are two often used words in these times.  We ask ourselves though, “Surrender to what?  Trust whom?” because many have been let down other humans, companies, systems, governments, and spiritual sources.

As a surfer, and one who falls off the board a lot — surrender to your higher energy.  Go with the flow.  You cannot control the ocean, you cannot change the waves or water.  Let it take you to your dreams through synchronicity.  Trust yourself and know that your dreams are worth pursuing and can be achieved so long as they are accompanied by positive energy. 

At Glass King it is our dream to step through the looking glass into a world where everyone achieves their desires.  In this world, we are happy to help our customers with their home improvement, fix-and-flip, and renovation dreams by offering a wide variety of high quality glass products and finishes.  Whether you have dreamt of a luxurious bathroom with custom mirrors, want a glass shower enclosure, need glass shelving, or just ordinary window glass repair, we will bring the right people to help you get what you want at fair, affordable prices.  Simply call us at 480-389-5656 today.

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