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Things to Consider When Installing Glass Shelves

Although glass furniture can be a bit fragile, they are great additions to any room, space, or anywhere you may want to put them in. Installing glass shelves in particular can create an impact in a room. The way a glass shelf accentuates whatever is placed on top of it helps in making certain pieces stand out. The way a glass shelf makes objects look like they’re floating almost seems surreal. If you have anything like these that you want to turn into eye-catchers, opt for glass shelves!

How do glass shelves match up against more conventional ones, though? Would it be better to get a wooden or a metallic shelf as opposed to getting one made of glass? There are some things that need to be considered, of course. If you’re thinking of getting a glass shelf for whatever purpose, here are some things that you need to know and think about first.

5 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Shelves

  1. The kind of room, business or commercial space that you have

This is the first thing that you need to think about. Are you using it for your home or your business? The kind of business or commercial space that you run will heavily affect the other entries on this list.

Glass furniture are used because of the sheer aesthetic value that they offer. If you are running a business that does not require too much aesthetics, then save yourself the trouble and get a shelf that’s sturdier and easier to maintain. Not to say that glass shelves aren’t sturdy, because they are with the right kind of use.

  1. The demographic of your business

Take into account the normal kind of customers or clients that you have walking into your store or business. Now think of whether installing glass shelves would be a good idea.

If your demographic includes mostly children, then try going for shelves that can withstand all those toddlers running around. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a toy store full of glass shelves, would it? If your usual crowd involves an older demographic, then glass shelves would be a pretty good choice.

Bonus points go to a social media-savvy crowd. If you’re good at designing, perhaps use that glass shelf to accentuate the interior of your store. Who knows, there may be a potentially Instagram-worthy photo that will draw more crowds to your shop.

  1. Foot traffic

This doesn’t just refer to the amount of people that move around your home or shop every single day. The kind of foot traffic that you also need to think about is the specific areas of these places that people tend to pass through more often. If you observe the daily comings-and-goings of people, we’re sure you will notice that there are particular areas of the room that people will tend to linger in more for a variety of reasons.

Glass shelves can be installed pretty much anywhere, but they will surely be in much better shape if installed in an area that does not receive much foot traffic. This reduces the chances of a busy customer accidentally bumping into your precious shelves. This is for the benefit of everyone involved.

  1. What you will be placing on top of the shelves

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider if you’re thinking of getting glass shelves. Make sure that what you will be placing on top of the shelves are appropriate. The most obvious consideration would be weight, of course. Anything too heavy is a big no-no. Other considerations should also include moving hazards, or anything that can potentially cause damage to the shelf.

If what you’re placing on top of your glass shelves are light or safe enough, then go for it by all means! Glass shelves are very nice to look at, and will make these items stand out.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance

Glass shelves are sturdy and can last a long time with the right kind of use. Maintenance for standing glass shelves usually only involves checking the bases and supports to make sure that they are in good working order. The wall attachments for hanging wall shelves should be regularly checked for damage. It definitely doesn’t cost much to maintain glass shelves. Cleaning them is also an easy task, and cleaning glass shelves is much easier than cleaning wooden or metallic ones.

Are you thinking of installing glass shelves for your home or business?

Then make sure that you only contact experienced companies. Glass King only uses the highest quality materials, and our personnel are all experienced in this trade. We’ll make sure that your glass shelves are sturdy, properly installed, and in good working condition. Contact our team today!

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