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The Louvre Pyramid

Six hundred seventy-three panes of glass.  At over seventy feet high at its peak, the Louvre Pyramid was an enormous undertaking.  Commissioned in 1984 by former French President François Mitterrand, the glass pyramid not only melds modern architecture with the classical architecture of the Louvre, it descends below ground and acts as an entrance to the famous museum.  Architect I.M. Pei designed the iconic glass building with great controversy surrounding it, the Parisians objected to a modern structure of glass and metal to juxtapose the Baroque styling of the Louvre.  The projected was completed anyway, with the use of 603 rhombus-shaped panes and 70 triangular ones.  Glass King envies those who does their window glass repair first of all, with millions of visitors per year, surely something breaks from time to time.  We also wonder how much glass window cleaner they use every year to keep the panes at museum quality.  The glass installation was a precise and extensive process.  From a technical perspective and from an artistic one, the Louvre Pyramid is a marvel.

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