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What are the Pros and Cons of Security Glass?

security glass

Security should come first when it comes to your home or business place. With different kinds of danger lurking around, you need to protect yourself, your family and employees. Installing security glass is one way to ensure everyone’s safety. What is security glass? Security glass is fortified glass that protects a building’s entryways, such as […]

What is Safety Glass?

safety glass

Did you know that safety glass is up to 10 times stronger than standard glass? It’s purpose is to provide maximum security and prevent injuries. Most Common Safety Glass Applications Safety goggles Safety glass makes up protective goggles. They protect your eyes from dirt, debris, metal shards, and paint chips during construction work. Chemical laboratories, […]

Why Use Tempered Glass for Glass Tabletops?

Image of an interior office boardroom setting. There's a table featured in the center of the room that has tempered glass for glass tabletops and there's a large bar chart on the wall.

Using a proper material for your tabletops is without a doubt paramount. Of course, the design and the overall apparel of the tabletop should be flawless. But the strength and reliability are equally important. With this in mind, glass is usually one of the most preferred materials when it comes to tabletops. What a lot […]