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Pros and Cons of Using Glass Doors

using glass doors

Doors are a feature found in every kind of building, may it be your home or an office. Still, they play a part that most people do not realize. In interior design, the choice of doors has a major impact on the visual character of your property. Nowadays, sleek and modern designs have led to […]

How to Choose the Right Thickness for Your Window Glass

window glass thickness

Windows are an essential aspect of the house. They provide entry for natural light and  fresh air into the house, keeping it comfortable and ventilated. Glass windows are popular because they have good insulation and generally look good. But what is the right window glass thickness that designers should adopt? Window glass thickness is an […]

Top Bathroom Glass Ideas for Your Home

Explore stunning bathroom glass ideas featuring a modern glass shower stall and sleek sink design.

The bathroom is one of the most critical parts of a home. It is where the house’s occupants clean and freshen up. It can be a place of relaxation. It can also be a place to jumpstart the day with an invigorating shower. There are many bathroom glass ideas that homeowners can try to make […]

Custom Glass Trends 2022

glass trends

Glass has limitless potential to transform any space in a property. It has both practical and aesthetic benefits – something any property would gladly welcome. Apart from being an important element in construction and architecture, glass also has an important part to play in interior design. Read along to know more about glass trends in […]

Why Choose Custom Glass for Your Walk-in Closet

custom glass for closet

A walk-in closet is a functional addition to your home as it provides ample storage space for your personal things. It also offers privacy in certain situations, like getting dressed while there are other people around. And if done right, this addition can elevate your home’s value. Getting a walk-in closet installed requires careful planning and […]

Decorative Glass Panels: What You Need to Know

decorative glass panels

Installing a glass panel is an efficient but elegant way to place a divider while still keeping visibility pretty high. These can fit anywhere, from homes, to offices, to restaurants and other commercial spaces. Glass panels can also serve quite a lot of uses. They great at performing the functions that they are installed for, […]

Patio Glass Trends 2018 Consider For Your Home

glass trends

Glass trends in 2018 are moving towards a more contemporary and modern style. The lines are more streamlined and clean and the colors are darker and more updated. Apart from style, consumers are also looking into good performance. This means, durability and functionality are still the name of the game. Read on for some of […]

Fine-tuning My Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass doors

Do you ever have difficulties opening your sliding glass doors? Do you find it getting stuck or hard to budge? This can be a common problem when it comes to sliding glass doors. It can give you a hard time going in and out of rooms, and makes loud screeching noises that are hard on […]

Decorating Your Dining Room with Mirrors

dining room with mirrors

A dining room with mirrors is often not a common thought. When decorating a dining room, the first things we think of are the essentials: tables and chairs. Oftentimes, however, we stop at these. What we may fail to realize at once is that here are plenty of other design elements can be incorporated into […]

Real Benefits of Glass Table Tops

glass table tops

Two of the most important parts of a family’s home is the living and dining room. They are where everyone eats meals together. They are also where the most crucial conversations between family members take place. However, even if they serve a huge purpose, they still get neglected sometimes. If yours need redecorating, start by adding […]