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Shower Enclosure By Glass King

Home Window Repair - Chandler AZ

Shower Enclosure By Glass King Glass King Inc. offers a full-line of shower enclosure options for both Residential and Commercial applications.  When considering upgrade options for your home/bath an upgraded or new shower enclosure is a great choice in enhancing any home or business with state of the art materials in a variety of colors […]

A Day without Glass – A Monster Reality

Everybody says that glass is the most enabling and crucial material in today’s world. Look around and see how many wonderful things are made of glass. We at Chandler Glass greatly contribute to the development of our glass industry. We constantly expand the range of the glass products and services that are available from us. […]

Glass Industry: Through History into the Future

When we speak about the development of the glass industry, we certainly mean the way glass manufacturers were changing their operational approaches and procedures. We at Glass Chandler know that the American glass market had undergone a number of serious changes, before it reached its current state. However, we often forget about the valuable knowledge […]

Glass and Construction – Say No to Frauds

If you think that the glass manufacturing industry is fully secured from frauds, you are deeply mistaken! We at Chandler Glass have learned that the construction industry is suffering from huge losses. Most likely, it is through frauds that many companies seek to restore their market position and retain the existing level of profitability. Apparently, […]

Glass: Safety Matters!

We often speak about various types of glass, as well as quality requirements in the glass industry. However, we rarely pay attention to the problems of safety. No, we don’t mean to say here that Chandler Glass does not care about safety. On the contrary, it is safety and quality that have historically been the […]

Some Interesting Facts about Glass

Now, let’s forget about serious things and make some fun. We have got so focused on economics, unemployment, and financial crises that it seems we will never have a chance to look at these things from a different perspective. Let’s do a different thing instead: today, we at Chandler Glass want to remind you of […]

Glass Manufacturers Go International

When we talk about changes in the macroeconomic situation, we cannot ignore the major steps made by U.S. glass manufacturers in their striving to survive. The competition has become so intensive that it is extremely difficult to expand and even simply preserve the existing market share. Not surprisingly, many U.S. glass industry players choose to […]

Summer Is Coming: Are You Ready for Tinted Glass?

Spring is here, and summer will not wait! So, is your car ready to meet the hottest summer days? Is your house prepared for the hot days and nights in July-August? Time is running fast, but only those who think in advance can win the prize! We at Chandler Glass would like to provide some […]

Employment and Economics: Chandler Glass Does Not Betray Quality

As always, Chandler Glass is monitoring the situation in the U.S. economy. We believe that information and knowledge are the most essential prerequisites for gaining and preserving a strong competitive advantage. We also believe it is imperative to inform our customers about possible macroeconomic changes, because these changes can become a crucial point in the […]

Arizona Sun Screens

Sun Screens In warmer climates such as Arizona, it is common to see tan-colored sun screens on the windows of homes.  These screens not only save a considerable amount of money on cooling costs but also reduce the sun’s heat streaming through the windows up to ninety percent.  That is very energy efficient and sun […]