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Summer Is Coming: Are You Ready for Tinted Glass?

Spring is here, and summer will not wait! So, is your car ready to meet the hottest summer days? Is your house prepared for the hot days and nights in July-August? Time is running fast, but only those who think in advance can win the prize! We at Chandler Glass would like to provide some tips to help you get ready for this awesome summer! Here we will speak about tinting glass.

First, you may have questions as to whether and why you should tint your glass. The answer is quite simple: for example, your car can become 70% cooler when it is tinted. The same goes with houses – you can make your house much more pleasant for living during summer, if you choose a high-quality tinting film and professional glass service providers to do the job. Tinting windows is also useful, because it helps reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, up to 99%. As a result, while at home, your interior will be protected from the damaging influence of the sun. In the car, your skin and appearance will also be safer in the presence of quality tinted glass.

Now the basic question is how to make it right! Chandler Glass can help you! First of all, if you are willing to tint your car, make sure you check the local laws and regulations governing these issues. Each state has a different law regarding the darkness of the tint allowed for vehicles. The central measure to consider is visible light transmission (VLT), and we will willingly assist you in choosing the best legal product!

Everyone agrees that it is better to trust the process of glass tinting to professionals. Only professionals can ensure that the product fulfills its mission, lasts long, and looks excellent. We at Chandler Glass have rich experience working with tinted glass, so you are welcome to use our services and make your summer better and brighter than the sun!

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