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Some Interesting Facts about Glass

Now, let’s forget about serious things and make some fun. We have got so focused on economics, unemployment, and financial crises that it seems we will never have a chance to look at these things from a different perspective. Let’s do a different thing instead: today, we at Chandler Glass want to remind you of the most interesting glass facts.

Do you know what was before glass? Most likely, you cannot imagine your life without glass. So, you can’t even think of the time when the humanity had to do without it. Still, everything has its beginning and its end, and glass is no exception to this rule. One of the funniest facts about glass is that, before the man discovered it, it had already existed in nature. Pieces of glass could be found after serious volcanic eruptions, which turned sand and rocks into natural glass. At times, people found those pieces of glass to turn them into jewelry, knives, and even money!

Do you know that the very first glass manufacturing plant was built in the United States? We at Chandler Glass are truly proud of the fact that modern glass manufacturing was born here, in America. The first glass manufacturing facility was launched in 1608 and was located in Jamestown, Virginia.

Do you know that, by the end of this year, glass manufacturers will have switched to taking 50% of their raw materials from recycled glass? This, in turn, will save the amount of energy needed to support 45,000 households during one year!

Unfortunately, the situation with glass products recycling is not as good as it is with plastic materials. Only 25% of plastics are currently recycled. We hope that, very soon, the situation will turn to the better. At present, and as always, Chandler Glass is strongly oriented towards environmental and sustainability compliance.

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