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Solarban 60 Buy PPG

Ever look at your windows from the outside and see a slight purple tint or sheen to them?  It’s a specialty
coated glass assembly unit that PPG makes called Solarban 60.  It’s been commonly used by builders in newer homes, especially in warmer climates.  It blocks sixty percent more heat than plain glass windows while letting in
more natural light than clear low-e coated glass.  Not only is more environmentally friendly, but it reduces energy costs and noise too.  It comes in tempered and laminate.  Tempered glass has been heated and slowly cooled.  When it breaks, it crumbles into small pieces and is much safer than annealed glass, which breaks into sharp, jagged edges.  Laminate glass is actually made with a layer of polyvinyl butyral, a kind of plastic, sandwiched in between two layers of glass.  When laminate glass breaks, it does so in a spider web pattern.  It’s commonly used in windshields.  Both tempered glass and laminate glass are much safer than annealed glass.  Solarban 60 laminate windows are some of the most energy efficient, safest glass windows available.  Contact Glass repair Chandler today for a quote on Solarban 60 windows today!
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