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Signs That Your Window Screen Needs Repair

Window screens are essential to cover the opening of windows. Window screens can be made from plastic wire, metal, fiberglass, and other materials. They protect the home from insects that may fly or crawl through the windows. That’s why homeowners should always be on the lookout if they need window screen repair.

While window screens may not be at the top of most homeowners’ priority list, they can make a home more comfortable. Nobody wants some creepy crawlies inside their bedroom. Flying insects in the dining room can instantly ruin a nice meal. While some bugs can be a nuisance, some can bring health risks to the family, such as mosquitoes. Window screens protect families and the home’s interior from insects. This way, they can still open their windows to let some fresh air inside.

Signs You Need Urgent Window Screen Repair

Window screens also protect the windows and the rest of the home. They filter off the dirt that would otherwise cling to the furniture. That’s why it is important always to keep them in good shape.

Here are some common signs that a house needs a reliable window screen repair as soon as possible.

1.      There are holes and tears on the screen.

Perhaps the most obvious sign that a window screen needs repair is visible holes and tears in the screen. There are many possible causes why there are holes in a window screen. One is that bugs and insects might have chewed through the screen’s materials.

Not all insects can chew through window screens. Insects that homeowners should watch out for include grasshoppers, wasps, and crickets.

Pets can be another cause for holes and tears in the window screens. Cats especially can scratch on the screens, resulting in tears in the screen’s materials.

When window screens have tears and holes, it’s time to call a reliable handyman and a window specialist for a dependable window screen repair.

2.      The screen is out of frame.

Frequent handling of window screens can eventually lead to a screen that is not properly aligned with the frame. Some families remove the screen due to changes in season. Some also remove screens to clean them. However, frequent handling of window screens can also lead to screen damage.

The frame holds the window screen in place. Without it, the window screen will not fit the window opening. An out-of-frame screen will result in gaps and vulnerabilities in the protection of the home. For example, insects can come in, as well as debris.

A window screen repair can help put the screen back within the frame. In addition, a well-fitted screen can give more protection to the occupants of the house.

3.      It is difficult to close and open the windows.

There are many possible reasons why a window is hard to close and open. However, one probable cause is a damaged window screen. As such, it is good to check the screens once the homeowner experiences difficulty closing and opening the windows.

Sometimes, windows can get stuck due to damaged screens. This can be an inconvenience when the homeowner needs to close the windows for privacy and safety. It can also be a problem when occupants need to open the windows for fresh air and natural light.

4.      The window screen is at least 10 years old.

Like all things, window screens have a set lifetime where it functions well. Beyond that, however, homeowners may start to notice some wear and tear will begin to develop on the screens.

The typical lifespan of a window screen is from 10 to 15 years old. Of course, this will depend on a variety of factors. For instance, location and weather can both affect how long a window screen will last. Homes near bodies of water may notice that their screens may deteriorate sooner, especially near oceans and beaches.

Homes located in damp areas may need to call for window screen repair more often than those who live midland. Salt spray is damaging and can quickly corrode window screens, affecting their lifespan.

The material used is another factor that can affect the lifespan of a window screen. Aluminum window screens, for instance, are more durable than other materials.

Why You Need a Professional for Your Window Screen Repair

Some may be tempted to replace or repair their window screens on their own. However, the effort to save money may lead to more expenses. Incorrect repair and installation can lead to having to redo things all over again.

A windows specialist can repair not just the damaged window screen. He can also check the health of the whole window and do the necessary repair or replacement. Leaving a problem with the windows for longer can result in more serious and costly damages.

Glass King offers window repair services in Arizona. Our team also performs window installation, replacement, and restoration, among other related services. Call us now at 480-389-5656 or email for a free quote!

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