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Residential Glass Repair vs. Replacement: What’s the Difference?

When a window breaks, getting it back into proper shape becomes a priority. With hot weather, energy costs skyrocket when a crack leaks precious A/C out to the great outdoors. When it comes to fixing the drain on your checkbook, there are two solutions. It’s either residential glass repair or outright replacement.

Repair vs. Replacement

In today’s consumer environment, manufacturers are prepared to sell homeowners a brand-new window set to solve a break. Whether it’s a frame that won’t close, moisture between the panes or a slight crack, replacement will certainly resolve the problem. Brand new windows as a replacement will provide a piece of mind. It also comes with a warranty in many cases against future issues.

But what you might not know is that this is the costlier solution of your available options. Replacement takes into consideration not only the glass and frame, but hardware as well. Then, there’s the extended installation time and the associated costs. This will bill higher than a much simpler residential glass repair.

Quality Home Window Repair

Residential glass repair is a less costly solution to replacing your entire window. A professional cuts the glass in its original specifications and installs it. Soon, your window back to as-new condition. If the someone damages the frame or hardware, a professional can repair it for a fraction of what a completely new installation will cost. The repair route costs less as only the damaged elements are replaced, not the entire window.

When searching for a company to repair your windows, keep in mind the time the repair will take as well as the overall cost. Many companies, such as Glass King, keep stock on hand for standard sizes to ensure a quick turnaround of an order. Your energy bill will appreciate the quick turnaround as you don’t have to wait for a repair pane to be ordered, cut and shipped back to your repairman.

Residential Glass Repair

When a window breaks, it is in your best interest to review the damage and determine what the next step should be. In most cases, a residential glass repair will be the right choice. Choose your repair company with cost and turnaround in mind to reduce the drain on your checkbook. Use companies with excellent BBB ratings. Be involved with the service. Ask questions and expect excellent customer service.

Questions about choosing between residential glass repair and window replacement? Contact the fine folks at Glass King for more information.

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