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Phoenix Laminated Glass

Life is getting unpredictable. Technologies, cars, and climate changes impose new
demands on construction professionals and designers. The latter seek improved
materials to protect customers from the major life risks. Laminated glass is
believed to be an effective solution to many life risks. Laminated glass is
associated with safety and security. Unlike ordinary annealed glass, laminated
glass does not break easily. Even tempered glass can shatter under a greater
impact, and only laminated glass can withstand even the most unprecedented
pressures. Due to its nature, once broken, the pieces of laminated glass will
adhere to the vinyl interlayer, providing effective protection against

Laminated glass is an effective protection against noise. It is well-known for its ability to reduce unwanted outside noise. Laminated glass applications are of particular importance in theareas located near airports, roads, industry complexes and buildings, and other places with unpleasant sound conditions. Laminated glass increases the sound transmission class rating of a window and may even increase the acoustical benefits of the house interior.

Laminated glass is a perfect choice for those, who want to protect their homes’ interior from fading. Under the influence of excessive sunlight, many materials and furniture within the house fades. Laminated glass blocks up to 95% of harmful UV energy and light but does
not prevent visible light from coming in the house. In the areas susceptible to
the risks of hurricanes and windstorms, laminated glass is a real savior: laminated windows can withstand gusting winds and even if broken, will remain within the window envelope. Customers must realize that the benefits of laminated glass justify its costs. All they have to do is to contact us and order the best quality laminated glass for their windows!!

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