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Phoenix Glass Talks About Glass Industry

The word combination “glass industry” is often taken for granted. It is high time that the nature and scope of the U.S. glass industry were clarified. Phoenix Glass professionals will highlight the most important trends in the American glass industry, to let you see how this industry develops and works. To begin with, the U.S. Energy Information Administration calls the glass industry “an integral part of the American economy and everyday life”. Glass is an essential ingredient of multiple products; as a result, the entire glass industry is constantly expanding and flourishing. In 2001, the glass industry in America employed almost 150,000 workers, of whom 82% worked in glass production operations and earned 9-10% more than the industry average. Between 1999 and 2001, glassmakers in the U.S. produced approximately 20 million tons of glass products every year. The amount of imports to the glass industry is almost equal to the amount of exports from the U.S. The U.S. glass industry is well known for intensive competition, but it is competition that keeps the industry moving. Competition motivates glass manufacturers to invest in production technologies and improvements. As a result, the annual turnover within the American glass industry reaches an unprecedented $28 billion.

It should be noted, that the glass industry in the U.S. and elsewhere is capital-intensive. The latter means that businesses need to invest huge amounts of money and material / nonmaterial resources to manufacture glass products. Also, the glass industry relies on technologies and capital more than it relies on labor. This being said, entering the glass industry is extremely difficult. Phoenix Glass professionals know the price of entering the American glass market. Glass furnaces have to be rebuilt every 10-12 years; moreover, the success of glass manufacturing operations largely depends upon the quality of R&D decisions. No doubts, glass manufacturing is extremely complex and capital-intensive, but Phoenix Glass professionals know the secret and will provide you with superior glass products every day!

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