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Phoenix Glass and Construction – A Unique Synergy

The glass industry is facing a challenge of unemployment in the construction industry. The relationship between the glass and construction industry is well documented. The faster the construction industry grows the more likely glass manufacturers are to achieve excellent business results. It would be fair to assume that glaziers follow and accompany professionals in the construction industry: glass is an essential ingredient of all construction processes and decisions. Therefore, changes in the construction industry greatly affect the profitability and efficiency of professional glaziers. This being said, declines and unemployment in the construction industry threaten the development and growth prospects in glass manufacturing.

Phoenix Glass professionals have learned that, during this year, the U.S. construction industry has experienced a considerable reduction in employment opportunities. The rates of unemployment in construction have reached an unbelievable 13.7 percent. Between September and October, the construction industry has lost about 20,000 jobs. Most probably, it is because of reduced public sector investments that the construction industry is losing jobs. Followed by reduced demand for construction, glass industry players also experience the lack of private consumers. Like their colleagues in construction, glaziers depend on public investments in infrastructure projects. Yet, the situation is not as bad as it seems. The construction industry is slowly improving its unemployment indices. The global economy is gradually recovering, giving rise to new construction and, consequentially, glass industry projects. Phoenix Glass professionals are convinced that future investments and new projects will speed up the creation of new ideas. In the meantime, both the construction and glass industries need state and federal support, to boost the demand for construction and glass products/ projects.

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