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New Glasses: The Augmented Reality of Being

Glasses are made of glass – even children accept this universal truth. However, nothing is stable, and technologies change the world we live in. Today, glasses expand their mission and turns into a universal instrument of decision making: with Google’s glasses product, users will have immediate access to the most important information.

Home glass repair Chandler has learnt that Google is willing to make glasses fashionable again. Google’s Project Glass is a remarkable invention, the product of Google’s secret Lab and, most likely, the future of the entire glass technologies industry. Why so unique? The answer is simple: Google’s glasses are actually a sophisticated and computerized, Internet-connected technology that has numerous personal and information management options. Want to know more about tomorrow’s weather? Google’s glass product makes it possible! Want to see your friends, make photos and share them immediately with your friends? Just do it with the help of Google’s glass project. Home glass repair Chandler believes that, if properly managed and advertised, the new product can readily become the symptom of technologization and robotization in today’s reality.

With Google, glass ceases being physical and turns into an interactive mechanism that links users and glass owners into a kind of a social network. Having Google’s glasses is the same as being constantly connected to a Bluetooth. Everything you need is included in Google’s glasses, but if you need more, feel free to use them! It is not glasses but the augmented reality of being that shapes your vision of the new world and makes you stronger! Unfortunately, the technology is so sophisticated that few users will be able to enjoy its information sharing potentials to the fullest. We at Home glass repair Chandler hope that the new glass product will attract new customers and users, making them more mobile!

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