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New Glass Covering – Moving Towards Greater Efficiency in Solar Energy

With the rapid development of the solar energy industry, the glass industry also faces new challenges. It appears that it is not enough simply to produce quality glass panels. Rather, glass manufacturers need to update their inventions and encourage innovations, to foster more efficient energy use.  glass repair Chandler has just learned about a breathtaking idea that has come to the glass industry from Australia.

As you may know, for many years, researchers in the glass industry have sought better ways to convert more sun energy into electricity. However, it was not before 2012 that one of the biggest glass manufacturers in Australia announced it had a solution to the problem. Based on the latest reports, the company has invented a new anti-reflecting glass coating for solar panels, which will allow for trapping more sunlight and increasing solar panels’ energy output by at least 3 percent. Just imagine that, instead of the traditional 100 watt, you will get at least 103 watt from your solar panel, and all this is due only to the novel glass coating created by Australians!

Definitely, progress in the glass industry never stops. Every day, dozens of glass manufacturers in America and the rest of the world work hard to bring new products to the market and satisfy the most challenging customer needs. These innovations not only help to get more energy from natural sources but reduce the overall costs of installing and running these energy systems. The new coating will be used to cover the sheets of glass used in solar panels. We at Chandler glass repair believe that this ultra-thin coating layer containing silicon dioxide has a very promising future in the energy industry. The secret behind the innovation is in the pockets formed by the anti-reflective layer on glass: its shape and light-refracting properties do their job. We are confident that the future of the glass and energy industry is even brighter!

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