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Tempe Glass Making Physics Work

Summer is coming, and everyone wants to have the best quality glass windows for their home comfort. Today, Tempe Glass has something to say about the principles of designing energy-efficient glass windows. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to those who do not understand how solar design in glass windows really works.

We design home glass windows that are intended to collect and distribute solar energy in ways that make your presence at home more comfortable. In winter, our glass windows operate as an instrument of solar energy collection. In summer, you will see how our glass windows reject sunlight to make it cooler inside. This is actually what specialists at Tempe Glass call “passive solar design”: we have a good command of solar physics laws and use them for your benefit and our profitability and success.

Take a step back to your school years and think about the fundamental law of physics: heat moves from a hotter to a cooler object. The goal of this movement is to achieve the right balance of temperatures: heat energy will move between the objects until their temperatures are equal. Passive solar design of our glass windows makes use of the same principle: with the help of conduction and convection, we guarantee a sustained balance of temperatures within your house every day, irrespective of the season and weather outside.

More often than not, our glass products reflect the basic principles of physical conduction, when heat affects solid matter molecules, making them vibrate. Professionals at Tempe Glass know that it is through these vibrations that materials transfer heat. Remember what happens to you when you place yourself into a hot bath tub: your body becomes hot and your skin goes red! Each molecule of your body vibrates, accepting the heat from the bath tub water. In a similar way, our glass windows are designed specifically to transfer the outside heat to make your house warmer during cold winters!

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