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Laminated Glass Saving Patient Lives

Building is impossible without glass, but glass building demands particular caution in terms of safety. Especially in hospitals, glass structures warrant special professional attention, since patients can readily cut themselves and get injured. Imagine a mental health facility where patients, due to their mental health state, behave unpredictably and even dangerously. In these premises, the quality of glass and windows is of the utmost importance. Home glass repair Chandler knows how much mental health hospitals invest in their glass structures, because the safety of mental health care provision is one of the main criteria of its quality.

Just recently, Mercy Hospital Joplin has undergone a serious test to the quality of its glass windows. A tornado hit the hospital on the side where the facility’s psychiatric unit is located. The psychiatric unit of Mercy Hospital Joplin was built with the help of laminated glass. Home glass repair Chandler recommends using laminated glass in buildings and constructions that are susceptible to external pressures and influences or are located in places where natural disasters are not uncommon. Laminated glass windows of Mercy Hospital Joplin once again proved to be a perfect protection against storms: while other windows shattered, laminated glass windows withstood the pressure of the storm.

After the storm, the hospital faced the need to rebuild itself. Hospital managers seek to make it safer for patients. As a result, the facility is going to invest a total of $500 in a construction project that will eventually result in the creation of a new hospital. Home glass repair Chandler believes that making hospitals safer is not only about purchasing new equipment and developing new technologies. Medical professionals are always concerned about the quality of intensive care approaches and systems, whereas questions like construction and glass safety loom at the background. Hospital patients should feel safe everywhere, not only in intensive care units. They should know that, if another storm occurs, laminated glass windows will protect them from the risks of injuries and death.

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