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Insulating Glass and Certification: Resolving the Dilemma

Glass products undergo complex testing procedures. When the safety and health of consumers are at stake, producers want to ensure that their products do not cause any safety problems. In the age of competitiveness, safety can be readily considered an important source of competitiveness for glass manufacturers. In the age of insurance, safety can be easily regarded as a good way to avoid litigation and considerable financial losses. Home glass repair Chandler has learned that the insulating glass industry is reconsidering its glass certification procedures: these procedures are to become more stringent but easier and faster for manufacturers. In its current state, product testing is rather long and challenging for both insulating glass manufacturers and consumers. In the new testing conditions, insulating glass manufacturers will have better changes to introduce new products and product lines without major costs. Professionals at Home glass repair Chandler know that this is one of the best ways to diversify the insulating glass market and make it even more competitive. Reduced but more stringent testing procedures will benefit consumers, who will get access to improved products and have a better choice of supplemental products and services.

As of today, insulating glass manufacturers sometimes need to wait up to 7 months to have their products tested in laboratories. Meanwhile, laboratory and certification professionals fail to meet their deadlines and cope with the growing number of products to be tested. Insulating glass manufacturers spend thousands of dollars on research and development, and they definitely deserve to have their products tested within a shorter time period. Hopefully, the proposed initiative will reduce the costs of certification, making insulating glass innovations available and affordable for customers. We at Home glass repair Chandler are convinced that, by making the standards more stringent, manufacturers will also have greater motivation to enhance their products continuously.

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