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How to Take Care of Your Glass Windows During the Winter Season

Winter is coming, and you should prepare your home for it. It may be a winter wonderland, but the cold can be cruel and uncomfortable. The frigid temperature can wreak havoc on everything, including your home. It can cause serious damage to the exterior and interior of your home, including your glass windows, if you are not ready.

Winter can be mild and sunny at best. At its worst, it can bring overwhelming snow, rain, ice, and wind. However, both types of winter can bring adverse effects to your home or any structure. It doesn’t matter if you are having a mild or severe winter. You should prepare your home to avoid costly repairs and inconveniences during the season.

Common Effects of Winter to Your Glass Windows

Here are some common problems that you may encounter with your glass windows during the winter.


One of the most common problems that you can encounter during winter is leaky windows. Leaky windows can have a costly effect on your electricity bill. They can let the heated air escape and create drafts, letting in the chilly winter air.

The Solution: Before the chilly months turn right around the corner, check your windows for cracks and gaps. Seal and caulk them to ensure that you can save on your electricity and have a comfortable home during the winter.


If your window lacks insulation, it won’t retain heat during the colder months. This can lead to significant heat loss.

The Solution: You can ask your glass professional for custom insulation for your glass windows. This will help your home stay warmer so your heating will not be overworked.


During winter, your surroundings are cold, and the air is dry. Inside your home or office, your heating is working overtime, so the air is warm and humid. This extreme difference in temperature results in condensation on your glass windows.

The Solution: This is a normal process. However, if you notice that your window has persistent condensation, which won’t just go away, call your trusted repair window service. It might be that your glass has cracks and moisture has entered the glass. This can affect your home’s insulation, so it is vital to have it fixed right away.


Moisture is one of the biggest problems of many homes and structures. It may start simple, but its effects can be costly if left unattended. Moisture can result in rotting wood, molds, and even damaged structural foundations. Moisture can cause the wooden frames of your glass windows to deteriorate.

The Solution: Upgrade the framing of your windows to weather-resistant PVC. It can help protect your glass all year round.

Take Care of Your Windows During Winter

Of course, even if you have prepared your windows for the winter, you still need to do regular upkeep and maintenance. It can help make your windows more efficient and weather resistant. Make sure to do the following to maintain the health and beauty of your glass windows.

·         Check your windows.

Check your windows weekly. Look for gaps and cracks. Look for cracks on a windy day. Hold a lit candle and move it along the window frame and glass. If the flame of your candle flickers, you have found a leak. Immediately seal if there are small gaps. If there are cracks, call your window handyman immediately.

·         Clean your windows.

Dirt and grime do not just make your windows look unappealing. They also limit the amount of sunlight that comes inside your home. You cannot take advantage of the natural heat that the sun gives during the daytime. You will end up relying more on your heating.

There are many ways to keep your windows clean. Make sure to use the right tools so that it will be easier for you and better for your windows.

·         Prevent frost buildup.

Moisture from outside sources and from inside your home can facilitate the buildup of frost on the inside of your windows. Sources of moisture from inside the home include cooking, showering, and other activities such as making coffee.

There are several ways to help reduce moisture inside your home. Some of these include using a dehumidifier, turning on your exhaust fans, keeping your interiors warm, and opening your blinds. Opening your blinds and curtains can help the air circulate against the surfaces of your windows.

Contact Glass King for Your Glass Window Needs

Your windows need some TLC like the rest of your house. A healthy and functioning window can help protect your home and your family from the extreme elements of the weather. Glass King specializes in your residential and commercial glass window needs. From the replacement, repair, and installation of your glass, we are the guys that you can count on. Call us now.

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