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How to Care For Your Glass Table Tops

Caring for glass table tops has its highs and lows, and it is not an easy task. Most of the time, people install glass to protect their furniture or add elegance and a luxurious aura to spaces. Despite the aesthetic and pleasing interior look it brings, however, a glass may be destructive and fatal once mishandled.

To prevent glass-related injuries, glass maintenance should be a priority. It requires more caution for home and even business owners, especially if the space is openly accessible to children. It is common parenting knowledge that kids can be very naughty and curious during their younger years, doubling a parent’s worry, especially if there are glass in sight. Injuries – be it major or minor – should also be one of the reasons why caring for glass table tops cannot be ignored.

In this article, learn how you can take care of your glass table tops starting today.

Caring for Glass Table Tops Can Be Done by Anyone

Maintaining and cleaning these glass table tops can be pretty straightforward. As long as you have the proper tools and knowledge about glass table tops, maintaining them can pretty much be a hobby.

For people who like cleaning, glass are an easier task compared to other furniture or rooms that need an extra helping hand. The only downside, though, is that once mishandled, it can be extremely dangerous.

Glass Table Tops Causes Injuries if Not Cared Properly

Shattered glass and broken glass corners are some of the primary reasons people find themselves visiting hospitals for immediate treatment. In some cases, these flawed or broken glasses can even hit a vein or an artery that can lead to more severe injuries. Fortunately, preventing glass-related incidents is easy and taking care of it is one of them.

Refer to these three caring for glass table tops reminders to keep your glasses (and family and children) safe:

·         Don’t forget to clean them daily.

Glass table tops can easily attract attention, especially if it has distinctive features. Of course, it is not invisible to dust and other activities that may get it dirty, so it must be cleaned daily. Some cleaning solutions are accessible in general supply stores. Besides, combining vinegar and water is a common home-made solution to get you started.

In cleaning glass table tops, most experts discourage using laundry detergents and rough cloth as cleaning tools. This is because it may lead to chemical reactions that can affect the glass’ overall quality. Others also recommend covering glass table tops with clean cloths whenever not in use.

·         Avoid putting hard or rough objects on the surfaces.

This is one of the most common problems or unavoidable circumstances that leads to scratches and unpleasant surfaces. Putting rough items and sharp objects can affect the glass’ quality and make it shatter.

In some spaces, like restaurants, they install glass table top in their dining tables to add to the interior. To preserve the glass quality, installing table runners and placemats is recommended. Adding cloths helps minimize the effect to the glass’ condition, especially food spills.

·         Keep them out of a child’s reach.

Admit it or not, there are some cases where children can be very playful and curious. They tend to explore the different objects they see, and glass table tops are no exemption. Here’s where parents should double their precautions in caring for glass table tops since it can lead to serious injuries.

Console tables and dining tables are two of the most accessible places for children. It’s best to move these tables to areas that are far from the reach of toddlers.

If a child’s access to the table is essential, then it is better to put additional protection like rubber bumpers. Otherwise, getting a custom-made glass table top, unlike the typical ones with sharp edges, is a wise alternative.

When to Seek an Expert’s Help

We know how exhausting glass table tops maintenance and care can be, but taking note of the above reminders actually helps!

In case your favorite glass table top breaks for whatever reason, never try to replace it on your own. Got a chipped glass table top? Don’t wait until it shatters completely. Consult a glass expert who can immediately repair or replace your old ones.

Get Expert Help from Glass King.

We are the glass experts in Chandler and Phoenix, Arizona. We have installed, repaired and helped maintain residential glass, custom mirrors, windows and more in AZ over the last several years.

Whether you want a new glass table top or replace your old one, our team at Glass King will be happy to assist you. Give us a call today at 480-389-5656 or send your inquiry via We also invite you to check our glass samples here at your earliest convenience.

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