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Home Glass Repair Chandler And Cleaning A Window

Home Glass Repair Chandler And Cleaning A Window

In addition to a bucketful of glass cleaner, the squeegeeis the best tool to use to get a professional finish to your glass cleaning project.  They come with wet and dry covers.  If you don’t have a wet cover, attach a cloth with rubber bands.

Lay a rag at the base of the window to catch drips.  Then dip the squeegee into the bucket, shake off the excess solution, and coat the window.
Once the window is wet, take off the wet cover and drag the squeegee
horizontally across the glass in neat, even strokes from top to bottom, wiping the squeegee off with a dry cloth in between strokes.

If there are any streaks along the sides of the window, wipe them off top to bottom, not side to side.  Remove the cloth at the base of the window and mop up any glass cleaner that may have collected.  Then stand back
and admire your handiwork!

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