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Glass Window Maintenance Tips for Winter Months

Heat escapes at a much faster rate from your windows compared to your walls and roof. These are also more prone to damage compared to the other parts of your home. Glass windows are especially vulnerable to changes in temperature. These are just some of the reasons why you should pay extra attention to your windows. Glass window maintenance is especially needed during the winter months.

Keeping your windows in top shape as winter approaches is a necessary task that you have to do.  There are also certain steps you should take to keep your windows safe from the cold.

8 Winter Glass Window Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Your glass windows need extra care even, on a normal basis. It would be best if you double this care as soon as winter approaches. Here are eight winter glass window maintenance tips that all homeowners should know:

  1. Check for damage even before winter arrives.

It always helps to keep your window in excellent condition. However, you must make doubly sure that your windows are damage-free even before winter arrives. Some of the most useful ways of checking for damage are the following:

  • Check the glass panes for scratches and cracks.
  • Check any wooden parts of the window for water damage.
  • Check the sides and the spaces for any air leaks.
  • See if the hinges are damaged.

Any damage you spot before winter arrives can save you from a lot of hassle later on. Be vigilant about damage, and make sure that you check these regularly.

  1. Assess the severity of the damage and act accordingly.

If you spot some things of concern in your windows, you need to act accordingly.

  • Air leaks need to be sealed as these will let the heat out of your home in winter. Use caulk to seal these if you need to.
  • Smaller cracks can also be sealed but just as a temporary measure until you can replace the window. Larger cracks will require immediate replacement.
  • Air leaks on the sides of the windows should also be sealed.
  • The hinges should be free of rust and damage.
  • Finally, mild water damage to the wooden parts may require coating. Severe damage requires replacement of the bad wood.

Doing all these can make your window last much longer. If you’re unsure about what to do, consult with a professional.

  1. Regularly maintain your weather stripping.

Weatherstrips are some of the handiest installations you can add to your windows and doors in winter. If you haven’t already installed them, consider doing so. Regularly check old weather strips for damage. Damaged weather strips can let heat escape from your home during winter. Cracks and tears in these strips also let water leak into your home during the winter thaw.

  1. Keep the windows and the frames dry.

While the glass panes of windows are very water-resistant, the metallic and wooden parts aren’t. It helps to regularly check these parts for moisture during winter since this can cause damage. Also, take extra care about ice formation. Ice forming on the panes can damage the glass if anything impacts it.

  1. Open the windows once in a while.

Your home will most likely have its heater and a humidifier constantly working during winter. These can cause fogging on the glass panes. Wiping off the moisture is just a band-aid solution. You can open the windows once in a while to let the excess moisture out of your home. Doing so can prevent humidity damage to your windows and other belongings.

  1. Check for sticking windows.

Checking for sticking windows is something that you should be doing all year round. That is even more important during the winter months. Windows that stick or do not open and close properly can be an indicator of hinge damage. Check the hinges for rust and oil them up as necessary. Sticking hinges can also mean that the metallic parts are freezing up. Make sure that these don’t rust when the ice thaws out.

  1. Keep your insulators in good condition.

The use of insulators is crucial during winter. Cellular shades, thick drapes, and weather strips all play a significant role. Make sure that you keep all of them in good condition in these months. Your windows can only do so much your insulators’ help, after all.

  1. Always keep them clean.

All your glass window maintenance efforts will be useless if you don’t keep windows clean. Dirt, grime, and dust can all damage your windows. Make sure that you always keep them clean so they last longer.

Do You Need Help with Your Glass Windows?

Glass window maintenance can be especially challenging during winter. Your windows become much more prone to damage during these months. If you need help with window maintenance and repair, we can help. Glass King is the most trusted window repair service in Arizona. You may contact us at 480-389-5656.

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