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Glass Window Maintenance: Schedule and Checklist

Glass window maintenance should be part of your regular home and building maintenance. However, glass window maintenance is almost always put aside until a glass window breaks or is damaged. No matter how modern or stylish your glass windows are, lack of proper maintenance can affect its beauty and life span.

For business owners, your storefront windows can affect your customers’ first impression of your business. A dirty and grimy glass window can speak badly for a restaurant.

Why Glass Window Maintenance is a Must

Large sums of money are often spent on AZ window replacement. Neglect of window maintenance is a common happenstance. Electrical, mechanical, communication, and plumbing systems are maintained on a regular schedule. Regular building maintenance also includes operable windows.

Poor maintenance of glass windows can lead to hardware failure, leakage problems, and glasses that do not permit sufficient light into the building. Grimes, smudges, and dirt can easily build up on your glass windows, and depending on your location, it can be worse. Broken locks and mechanisms on the glass windows can also compromise the safety and security of your home. This can affect the building and its occupants, and can be more costly if left unrepaired.

How Often Should You Have Your Windows Maintained and Cleaned?

There is no hard and fast rule on how often should you perform glass window maintenance and cleaning for your property. The following factors, however, influence how often you should maintain and clean your glass windows:

  • Location

    Buildings exposed to highways and busy streets can accumulate dirt and dust quicker than properties located in suburban areas.

  • Weather

    If your property is located in an area exposed to heavy rains and storms more than usual, leaves and debris can cause your glass windows to accumulate dirt deposits. This requires more frequent window cleaning and maintenance.

  • Landscaping

    Properties surrounded by trees, or alongside parking lots, your glass windows may need more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

  • Structure

    Some architectural designs may require more cleaning than other designs. Inset glass windows can collect more dust and dirt, and thus will require frequent cleaning.

  • Function and Use

    The frequency of cleaning your glass windows depends on the use of your building. Depending on your property’s use and your business, here are some guidelines on how often you should clean your glass windows.

  • Office Buildings and Residential Homes

    An average office building should have full maintenance and cleaning at least twice a year. Same is true for residential homes. However, you should clean on a monthly basis areas that are exposed to heavy traffic. This includes the lobby and reception areas. These areas can make or break a client’s first impression on your company.

  • Restaurants

    Moisture and grease buildup are common problems on restaurants’ glass windows. The glass windows in a restaurant must be cleaned on both sides of the glass. Grimes and dirt on a restaurant’s glass windows can give your restaurant a nasty image and may speak badly of your establishment’s sanitation.

  • Retail Store and Boutiques

    You will want passersby to notice your merchandise and store displays. It is therefore a must for you to clean adn properly maintain your storefront windows. Dirty and unmaintained storefront windows only give your competition a chance to steal a prospective customer.

  • Medical Facilities

    Medical facilities such as doctors’ clinics, offices and hospitals need to maintain a spotless image to gain the patient’s confidence and trust. Proper maintenance therefore, is of primary importance, and should be done at least on a monthly basis.

What are the Things to Check during Your Glass Windows’ Regular Maintenance?

Here are things to include in your window maintenance checklist to ensure a thorough and complete inspection:

  • Check both glass and non-glass parts of your windows.

Both glass and non-glass parts of your building’s windows contribute to your building’s and its windows’ integrity. Make sure to check for the following:

  1. Cracks, scratches and breakage
  2. Water ingress
  3. Condensation
  4. Locks and other mechanisms of your windows
  • Inspect the fit of your glass windows.

Physics dictate that exposure to increasing and decreasing temperature can cause the glass and its frame to expand and contract, causing for the fit of your window’s components to loosen. Gaps can form, which may result to air and moisture penetration.

  • Weatherproof your glass windows.

Reinforce seals and cover gaps to ensure that heat during winter (or cool air during summer) do not escape through your windows. These gaps can make your HVAC system inefficient.

  • Perform thorough cleaning of your windows.

Prolong the life and beauty of glass windows through regular cleanup. Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials in cleaning your windows.

  • Repair or replace damaged windows.

To ensure fully functional windows, replace damaged and compromised glass and other window components. Protect your property and your business from different weather conditions and theft with operational and working windows.

Choose Glass King for your Property’s Glass Window Maintenance and Repair Services!

Proactive maintenance, early detection and repair of damage, can reduce the risk for greater damage and more expensive costs. It also keeps your property and its occupants safe.

Glass King understands the different needs of home and commercial glass windows. Let our professional glass window cleaners and specialists in Arizona care for your glass windows and restore its beauty like brand new. Call us for a free quote at 480-389-5656!

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