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Glass Shower Doors – Dangerous???

Do you have a shower? Stupid question, isn’t it? Definitely, you have a shower cabin and a glass door that separates it from the rest of your bathroom. Definitely, in almost 100% cases, this shower cabin door is made of tempered glass. The main reason why glass repair Gilbert has decided to talk about shower doors here is not because we want to advertise them. The main reason is that, several days ago, we have read a small report on CBS Chicago speaking about the dangers coming from glass shower doors.

In this recent post on CBS Chicago, we have read that dozens of glass shower doors simply shatter, without any definite reason. In other words, if you went to the shower to clean yourself or enjoy the moment under the hot or cold water, beware of the dangers coming from your glass shower door. They suggest is can simply shatter, without any reason or warning. They also say that tempered-glass shower doors can cause serious physical injuries, although they are expected to shatter in small, not large, pieces of glass. Numerous accounts of accidents and injuries suggest that being in the shower can be even more dangerous than driving a car without brakes. However, is the situation as tragic as they try to present it?

We all know how persistent the media can be in their striving to depict a tragic situation as really tragic and maintain this image of tragedy for days, weeks, and even years. However, we at glass repair Gilbert believe that the problem is not as serious as it may seem at first glance. It is better to follow simple precautions rather than believe that all shower doors are dangerous and should be used. When such accidents occur, 99% of causes can be found in the way these shower doors are being used. You should monitor the state of your shower door, move it in the right direction, and avoid banging them. These are the simple ways you can avoid the risks of injuries and accidents. Enjoy your shower time to the fullest!

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