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Glass Recycling Results

We all know how important it is to have glass products recycled properly. This is why, Glass Repair Chandler has decided to address this topic in more detail. With this in mind, we have turned to one of the most interesting and reliable sources of glass industry information, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), and the results of its survey conducted with the goal of analyzing and capturing the most recent patterns in glass recycling.

It is interesting that, from our experience, not everyone knows what glass recycling is. You can hear all sorts of ideas and suggestions of what glass recycling really looks like. To those who do not even imagine where glass bottles go, the scheme is rather simple. First, you throw away your glass bottle or any other type of glass inventory. Make sure your glass things go separately from the rest of your trash. Second, these glass things are transported to a large processing facility, where everything that has nothing to do with glass (e.g. metal caps) is taken away. Third, all glass things are crushed to become a single and uniform mass, which is called “cullet”. The latter is mixed with other components and melted in a furnace to become glass again.

So, back to the survey. It appears that each bar or restaurant collects an average of 150 tons of glass every month. These are the data taken from the bars, restaurants, and other eating facilities that run their own glass recycling programs. The most surprising is, however, the fact that the implementation of such programs is mostly cost-neutral. That is, they do not result in any cost reductions and do not increase business costs. Yet, this cost-neutrality does not mean that glass recycling programs should not exist. Glass Repair Chandler knows the real, environmental value of such programs. We cannot measure everything by the amount of money we earn. However, we should know that, one day, our environment will say “thank you” for the glass recycling efforts we have made in the past.

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