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Glass Recycling: Economic and Environmental Driver

When glass is discussed, glass recycling is rarely an object of analysis. Unfortunately, the topic of glass recycling tends to be ignored. Nevertheless, glass recycling remains an essential element of the entire glass industry, simply because, without recycling, there would be no glass industry at all. Glass is one of the few existing materials that can be recycled without any damage caused to its quality or purity. Most U.S. communities have at-the-curb containers and collection sites for glass, and 10 states have their own glass deposit programs. This is why, it is interesting to know that the glass recycling industry continues to grow, supporting thousands of jobs and generating billions in revenues.

Glass Packaging Institute has published the most recent information regarding the glass recycling industry’s current state and progression. Home glass repair Chandler believes that this information can be extremely useful for anybody looking to understand the trends and patterns affecting today’s glass industry. Based on the result of the most recent economic analysis, the glass recycling industry in the United States is actually a powerful driver of economic and financial growth, affecting all major sectors of economy and its overall state. The mere fact that the glass recycling industry is a driver of job creation suggests that the industry greatly contributes to the economic growth in America. As of today, the glass recycling industry is the creator of almost 460,000 jobs, with more than $10 billion in revenues earned during 2011.

Home glass repair Chandler imagines that the glass recycling industry is not simply an essential economic sector but also a vital element of the country’s recycling philosophy. Everybody seeks to become sustainable and ethical, and glass recycling is just one of the many ways in which individuals can protect the environment and reduce environmental costs. Glass recycling is one of the rare cases when a whole industry operates successfully, despite the serious financial difficulties facing the U.S. Definitely, glass recycling will help America to alleviate the burden of both economic and environmental difficulties.

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