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Glass King Offers Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Home!

Your house is the best – the best windows, doors, and heating systems. Yet, something is wrong. You feel that the house is losing heat and energy, and your bills are frightening! Phoenix Glass will help you to find out the reason of your concerns. Windows, doors, and skylights have different energy performance ratings, and you do not need to make sophisticated calculations, to discover where your energy goes.

Let’s begin with heat losses. Take a look at your windows and doors. Windows and doors can cause heat losses in the following ways. First, there is always direct conduction through doors and window glazing. Second, various objects tend to irradiate and consume heat and energy within the house: these are heat appliances, electronic devices, and even people. Third, doors and windows cause considerable air leakages, which should be measured and managed. Professionals usually use two performance indices: (a) U-factor that measures the rate at which windows and doors conduct the flow of non-solar heat, and (b) Solar heat gain coefficient, which measures solar radiation coming through windows and doors. Let’s leave these measurements to professionals; meanwhile we will put our hands against doors and windows and try to define, whether or not cold air enters the house through them. Not sure? Phoenix Glass professionals will help you!

Take a look at how your windows and doors transmit sunlight. Of course, the most you can do is evaluate the amount of visible sunlight processed by your windows and doors. You can also clean them, to make sure they work to the best of their capacity ))… However, you can also ask Phoenix Glass professionals to help you re-decorate your house, to ensure that you have the best glass, depending on the location of your house and your desires and preferences. Of course, you don’t want to spend your free time, running around the house and trying to find out what is wrong with your windows and doors. Call us today, and we will make sure that your house is the best place in the world!

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