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Glass Industry: Does PR Matter?

The importance of the public relations functions in present day business can hardly be overstated. Organizations’ profitability, reputation, and growth depend on the degree to which organizations meet their objectives. Public relations, which encompass media promotion and communications, help organizations to promote and enhance their public image and build productive relations with customers. Like any other businesses, glass industry players need public relations support. Public relations specialists help glass manufacturers and suppliers to handle their media and public functions more effectively. It is through public relations that glass manufacturers and suppliers create an image of social responsibility, efficiency, diversity, and commitment to customer needs.

Phoenix Glass traced the history of public relations in the glass industry. It is interesting to note that the glass tableware industry was among the first to use the benefits of public relations in the 19th century. Factories and small producers in the glass tableware industry had to manage the pressures of changing demand and supply. They sought to reduce the risks of competitive failure. Phoenix Glass repair realizes that the intensity of competition in the 19th century market was not even close to the competition in present glass industry. Yet, even at that time glass industry manufacturers already realized the value of advertising and promotion. By the end of the 19th century, glass manufacturers would use their public relations employees and functions to collect statistical information about the glass market and plan their strategic decisions. Public relations facilitated the creation of trade associations and national manufacturing organizations.

Today, glass industry players follow these public relations traditions, and Phoenix glass repair is no exception to this rule. However, unlike some organizations, Phoenix Glass uses public relations as not a cover for its sins but merely an instrument to promote its product and customer-service message to the public. We have passed a long way to become what we are now. We have strong commitment to quality and are loyal to our customers. The public relations function helps Phoenix Glass professionals to deliver its “high quality” message to the current and prospective customers!

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