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Glass Chandler: Global Warming? – No Way!!

Moscow is claimed to be beating new temperature records. 41F for Moscow at the end of December is an unprecedented event. Reasons why Russia is facing these weather anomalies are unknown; most probably, the global warming has finally reached the Russian territory. Most probably, no one can feel secure from the effects of the global warming phenomenon. However, is global warming real and realistic? Glass Replacement Chandler decided to take a deeper look into the global warming issue.

It is indisputable that the humanity is obsessed with climate change and global warming. Even glass manufacturers in the U.S. try to adjust their technologies and operations, to meet the changing energy demands and prepare themselves and their clients to changes in the global climate. We at Glass Replacement Chandler have a more critical view on the problem: we believe that the current change in climate is nothing but part of the natural cycle, a convenient object of commercialization and profit earning. There are several reasons why we believe the global warming phenomenon is virtually inexistent. First, the planet has already undergone a series of broad climate changes. Centuries ago the Earth had been freezing and warming, and the current change in temperature is still within reasonable limits. Second, even the most talented scientists who vociferously urge the humanity to change their habits have not been able to create any relevant computer model to predict future changes in the global climate. In the meantime, and Glass Replacement Chandler grounds its suggestions on other primary and secondary findings, in the past decade the American nation spent at least $16 billion on various global warming initiatives.

Certainly, the situation is not as innocent as it seems. Deforestation, cars and CO2, all these factors cause tangible and mostly negative effects on nature and our health. Yet, there is always a chance to postpone the catastrophe. Glass Replacement Chandler believes that it is high time for us to reevaluate the feasibility of the global warming claim and its political and economic implications. It may happen that we are sending our money in a wrong direction. Apparently, only a broad and objective review of the scientific evidence can give us a clue as to how to treat global warming. Unfortunately, in a world driven by politics and commerce such review will hardly ever take place.

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