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Glass and Construction – Say No to Frauds

If you think that the glass manufacturing industry is fully secured from frauds, you are deeply mistaken! We at Chandler Glass have learned that the construction industry is suffering from huge losses. Most likely, it is through frauds that many companies seek to restore their market position and retain the existing level of profitability. Apparently, this is not the best way to do things in the glass business.

We have read an article by Bob Hennelly, where he speaks about a major fraud involving NYC contractors. According to Hennelly, several construction companies working in New York possibly engaged in a serious and extremely sophisticated billing fraud, which had to bring millions of dollars in illegal profits. The contractors suspected of fraudulent behaviors were directly related to the most essential construction and glass industry projects in NYC, including the World Trade Center and the 7th Avenue Subway. FBI professionals working on the case believe that, for years, over billing had been a standard practice in the construction business in New York. As a result, clients were billed for the hours, which construction and glass foremen had not actually worked on the site.

What we think today is whether at all it is worth developing a fraudulent scheme, when the entire glass and construction market is under constant public scrutiny? Moreover, even without such scrutiny, what do frauds bring, except short-term profits and long-term difficulties? If we are looking for the best way to solve our macroeconomic difficulties, then there is no way other than ethical and legal compliance. We at Chandler Glass do not see any other strategy to strengthen our national and international position. Meanwhile, it’s a pity that certain companies and contractors distort the image of the construction and glass industry. It seems that even the most serious laws will not change individual attitudes towards profitability and business in the U.S.

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