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Glass and Architecture: The New Mariinsky

Glass is everywhere. All countries of the world use glass in their construction projects. National governments finance various reconstruction initiatives. Recently Arizona Glass has learned that St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theater will be rebuilt and another scene will be created. Home Repair Glass Arizona decided to take a more specific look on the architectural future of the Mariinsky Theater.

For glass manufacturers and architects, the idea to rebuild the Mariinsky Theater is extremely interesting. It appears that the new scene will actually serve as a new concert hall, with glass walls and a futuristic design. The Mariinsky Theater has a long and rich history; created in the 19th century, the theater is rightly considered as one of the most salient cultural symbols of present day St. Petersburg. The creation of a new scene with glass walls and a futuristic design can inhale a new breath into the theater. It will definitely create a unique architectural synergy and align the new design with the principles and features of the postmodern architecture. Most probably, a futuristic scene surrounded by glass walls will turn the Mariinsky Theater into a complex link between the Petersburg of the 19th century and the Petersburg of today.

Home Glass Repair Chandler is extremely interested in how the new scene will look. They say that the scene will work as a contemporary performance space, supplemented by a roof-top amphitheatre and soaring glass walls. The new scene is expected to attract new audiences, especially younger ones. It will also create a unique precedent of rebuilding historical sites into a place of modern culture and entertainment. The cost of the new scene is estimated at $600 million. Actually, the merger of glass and the historical image of the theater can be compared to a marriage between a young man and a beautiful old woman – a union that is built on trust, love, understanding and spiritual unity.

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