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Give Your Business a Makeover, Go for Glass

If you have ever experienced any problems with enticing people to enter your store, you might just really need a store makeover. Maybe you should go for glass as your store aesthetic!

For any store, first impressions matter! In fact, in a study conducted by Morpace Omnibus, the physical appearance of a store can affect the number of customer that visit your store greatly. The less appealing it is to look at from the outside, the less likely potential customers are to enter it. It also indicated that some consumers looked for familiarity. The more it looked like a store they’d frequently go to, the more curious they become.

Every business is unique. As much as possible, each one wants to showcase in their stores their own aesthetic, identity and individuality. There are many ways store owners present their brand when it comes to store fronts. Some even go for brick walls, or small glass windows as their means of presenting their brand. However, we here at Glass King believe that the only way to truly showcase your product is through transparency.

Go for Glass to Switch up Your Boring Storefront

While a transparent glass might not sound appealing, but there are plenty of reasons why it is good for business. Here are just some of the clear benefits of choosing glass:

  1. Glass storefronts are customizable and flexible to any design and theme.

Strategic store owners like you know that every season, or event may require you to switch things up in your store. Whether it is Christmas or the start of summer, stores have to prepare and arrange their product and store design to incorporate the time with their intended message or theme. For this, a glass store front is a good go to because it acts as a blank canvass that you can manipulate to fit the design aesthetic you want to have.

  1. It looks less intimidating to customers.

When you think about it, customers would much rather prefer something familiar than something new. You can have this element of familiarity by choosing glass as your storefront! Brick or wooden walls may look a polished but it can be quite intimidating.

This is especially true, if you are a new store and the customers are figuring out what you have to offer. When you go for glass, your store becomes less daunting because your customers can immediately tell what you have in store.

  1. You invite more customers in when you go for glass.

Attracting customers becomes a lot easier when you choose glass for your business. The sleek look of modern glass makes it easier to entice passersby. It’s like free advertisement for anyone who walks or drives past your store!

Open or closed, you are sure that someone will be able to check out the products you have. Another good thing about glass stores is that marketing becomes easier. It is also easier for your customers to spot any sales or deals your store might be offering!

  1. It saves money.

Having a glass storefront is great for saving you money. When you open the store in the morning, natural light illuminates your store, which helps you turn off any unnecessary lighting. Going for glass also offers high insulation, making it easier to have steady store temperatures.

  1. The glass provides added security to your store.

When it comes to glass, storefront ones are unquestionably strong. Because they are designed specifically to serve as walls for the store, they are certainly quite tough and unlikely to easily be broken in. Moreover, the storefront glass is also much more eye-catching than stone or brick walls. Any break in can easily be noticeable to passersby.

  1. Storefront glass is low maintenance.

If you have brick or wooden walls, they are prone to accumulate dust. More often than not it may not even be noticeable to you that it’s gotten dirty. Sometimes, cleaning them isn’t even enough. You may need to repaint or retouch just to maintain the storefront.

With glass, however, you can easily spot dirt, and debris that may have accumulated in your glass. It is also easier to maintain. All you need is a squeegee or other similar tools and some soap to keep your glass clean and clear every day.

Choose Glass King for Your Next Business Makeover Project

Looking for glass for your business here in Arizona? Here at Glass King we offer you a wide array of glass services, from installation, to maintenance and replacement in Chandler and the greater Phoenix area. We also offer different types of glass such as tempered glass, high-impact glass, plate glass and more.

For any of your glass related needs, whether commercial or residential, you can count on our expertise to assure you the best services. Don’t let glass stop you from running your business, or taking care of your family. Choose Glass King for all your glass needs!

Learn more about our services. Contact us now at (480) 389-5656.

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