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Falling Glass Windows in Construction

As you might know, glass manufacturing and the use of glass products cannot be quality or safe without professionalism and compliance. We at Chandler glass repair have learned that it is always better to anticipate and prevent problems than try to minimize their negative consequences. Unfortunately, even with the most advanced safety systems in place, you cannot zero the risks of failure. On September 20, we learned that employees at WorkSafeBC, Vancouver, Canada, had to stop their work for an indefinite period of time, after a huge window pane had flown down 36 stories directly to the street. The damage could have been much severer, if people passing by the new building had failed to react quickly. It is just a matter of luck and good chance that the accident did not result in human losses. A huge framed window landed directly on a constructor’s car: the driver was standing just a couple of feet away from his vehicle. This news is just another reminder to the millions of construction workers working with glass: being a good glass professional is just part of your workplace success. One needs to be extremely cautious, not to turn his unprofessionalism into the source of major safety dangers.

Construction by itself is a process associated with multiple dangers. This is why  Glass Repair Chandler has always been so committed to the principles of safety and security compliance. Needless to say, you should learn not to stand under suspended loads, but those who suspend them should also think twice before they make a single move. We believe that glass safety in construction is a matter of both the construction professional and those who watch the process from the outside. We know that it takes time and resources to ensure compliance with all rules. However, there is nothing more valuable than human life!

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