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Decorating Windows for the Holidays!

No, we’re not talking about the more involved projects you find on Pinterest.  Don’t get us wrong, at Glass King, we love Pinterest!  Some of those projects can represent a significant investment of time, energy, and money.  We’re talking about the simple, easy, do-it-yourself decorations that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and that you can do with your children.  For around four dollars, you can buy window markers.  For another four dollars, you can buy the crystal effects windows markers.  Let your kids go to town and viola`!  Your windows are decorated!

What if you aren’t an artist and your kid is more street gang graffiti artist than Picasso?  There are cheesy peel-and-stick decorations at dollar and thrifty stores, but we have a few ideas that won’t leave you scrubbing with window glass cleaner or needing window glass repair.  Hang ribbons from the top inside sill of the window using thumb tacks or removable 3M hooks and tie Christmas ornaments at varying lengths.  Keeping it all in the same color family presents a unified look that is smart and attractive.  Using those same kind of removable sticky hooks, you can outline or swag holiday lights around the window.  But what if you want something special?

One of the neatest ideas – and cheapest that we found was threading cotton balls of various shapes and sizes on clear fishing line and hanging them from a simple wooden dowel held up by two temporary hooks.  Loop and knot the monofilament or thread and pull it through the next cotton ball to keep them from sliding down.  It looks like snow!  Here in Arizona where tacky inflatable Christmas lawn decorations are ubiquitous, this one struck us as nice, homey, and a little more authentic.  You can get the little ones involved, even dear ole Dad can help out.  Regardless of which project you choose, we encourage you to exercise safety around glass.  Should you need us, Glass King offers emergency glass repair – yes, even around the holidays.  Just call us at 480-389-5656.  Enjoy your decorating!

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