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Decorating Your Home and Tips for Residential Mirror Installation

Mirrors do not usually get the recognition they deserve but they make for a good home decoration. They reflect light, make the spaces in the house seem bigger, and they enhance the look on a room in an abode. Residential mirror installation is starting to gain fame among homeowners, and for good reasons.

What Residential Mirror Installation Can Do to Your Home

  • Mirrors make a room seem bigger.

Some people feel suffocated when they enter rooms that are too small. However, if the room is really small, what else can you do? Hire a contractor and make an extension?

Getting mirrors inside a small room is the answer to make it bigger. Not physically bigger – as the room will of course retain its original size. However, mirrors offer a cheaper way to make the room virtually larger.

If you have a room that seems too small to your liking, think about getting some mirrors. Place them on the wall and see the difference it makes to your room.

  • Mirrors make rooms more interesting.

Many interior decorators use mirrors to make dull rooms more interesting. An example of this is having hanging mirrors on the wall of a long and dark hallway. If your house has a long hallway that seems dark and dull, try residential mirror installation. The mirrors will be a good distraction to people walking along the hallway. Don’t people like checking themselves out when they see mirrors?

Aside from being a distraction, mirrors along a dark hallway will also help in making the place brighter. Say goodbye to your dull hallway, and say hello to a bright one.

  • Check yourself out before leaving and entering the house.

So, we all know what mirrors are for. We use it to check how we look, especially if we have something important to go to. What if we tell you that you can hit two birds with one stone with residential mirror installation? We are talking about a properly installed mirror at the receiving area by the front door. After all, it is the last place people are in before they leave the house. It is also the first place that people are in after they enter the house.

A mirror by the front door will allow the people to check themselves out before they leave. This will also allow you and your visitors to do the same after they enter. Additionally, the mirrors will reflect the light from outside and will surely brighten up one’s entry.

Doing It Right

Mirrors are fragile materials and can get easily broken if handled improperly. They are really great decorations as they reflect light and make a room look more spacious. There are a few things you need to consider if you want to decorate your home with mirrors.

  • Place the mirror opposite important pieces at home.

In having mirrors as home decorations, it is of course important to decide where to put them. Placing the mirror opposite to any object at home will put more emphasis on the said object.

Putting an emphasis on an object may mean virtually having two of that piece at a time. You can hang it across a beautiful painting or an important piece of furniture inside the room. Taking that into consideration, do not place your mirror opposite something that’s unattractive. Putting it opposite to a desk which gets untidy most of the time will only double the untidiness in the room.

  • Place the mirror opposite the window.

This is especially applicable to rooms which have small windows. Having little windows in the room allows as much light into it.

Install a mirror opposite the windows and the mirror will easily reflect the little light that comes in. This can make the room twice as bright. You won’t be needing to switch on the light in that room during the day. Now you have a prettier room, and you have also saved a few cents worth of energy cost.

  • Choose the right style.

Each room in the house has its own unique character. Therefore, each room needs a different style when it comes to residential mirror installation.

If a mirror fits into your traditional living room, it won’t necessarily fit your modern bedroom. That’s right. Mirrors can be anything you want them to be: traditional, modern, classic, chic – you name it! Its design depends on its frame and cut.

Trusting the Right Guys on Residential Mirror Installation

We know what comes to your mind when you read about mirrors hanging around in your home. You worry about safety as these pretty things can also cause accidents. We know mirrors are delicate things and should only be handled by professionals.

Good news for you, you are at the right place! Glass King is a group of well-experienced professionals who are going to make your house a masterpiece. We make custom mirrors that will surely fit your style and taste. We also make mirror replacements and repairs.

Whether you need custom-made or standard mirrors, Glass King is the company you can trust. Call us now and make an appointment!

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