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Make your home or office look more stylish and elegant by putting up custom mirrors. They are not just trendy and stylish; they also function as traditional mirrors. The edge of customized ones than those finished products you just buy from the store is that you can find exactly the type and design you’re looking for—because you have the final say on the matter. Whether you simply want an addition in your interior design or you want to make an empty wall unique and sophisticated, we can design and make the right mirror you want. Glass King is the leading authority when it comes to glass and mirrors in Chandler AZ and the neighboring locations.

Traditionally, mirrors are just used for looking at yourself or checking your face or how you look. Over time, mirrors have become excellent pieces of decoration and design accent in the interior of the home or office. You can use it to make your place more spacious, to make your home appear more relaxing and comfortable, or to simply enhance the aesthetic of your walls. We can make custom mirrors for your bathroom, dining room, kitchen or any part of your home, office or commercial space.

Bathroom Mirror

Every decent bathroom must have a mirror. But you don’t want just an ordinary one, would you? Why settle for the ordinary and bland if you can have something that can really enhance the visual aesthetic and overall feel of your bathroom? Custom wall mirrors are the answer to your needs. They don’t just merely function as mirrors, they can also make your bathroom look more spacious and brighter because it bounces natural light all around the area. So  you get both function and style in one. They can come in various size and design to suit the kind of bathroom you have. We can make you anything you want, as long as it is a mirror. Consider it done!

Kitchen Mirror

Do you feel like there’s something lacking in your kitchen? Do you think that it’s kind of plain and boring? That’s probably because you don’t have a mirror in it. Yes, it would be great to have a mirror in your kitchen. Most kitchens are kind of stuffy and dark because of the lack of windows or the presence of small windows. By putting custom mirrors, you can maximize the natural and artificial light in your kitchen. It can make your whole kitchen more open, airy and spacious. You can place the mirrors on the empty wall or in-between open cabinets, whichever you want and whichever is best for the overall look of your kitchen.

Dining Room Mirror

Don’t just settle for a plain dining room. Make it look more elegant and a bit formal. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat with your family in a well-designed dining room with great atmosphere? It would feel like you are eating inside a classy fine dining restaurant in the heart of the city. Decorative mirrors can add a touch of style and elegance in your dining room. It can also make the whole area look more spacious and airy. If you decide to get one, have your mirror designed and made by the leading authority in town, Glass King!

Aside from common spaces like bathroom, kitchen and dining room, you can also install decorative mirrors in or as wardrobe doors, furniture applications, projection screens, display cases, and ceiling and pillar covers, among others.

Types of Custom Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are great investments to your home. They don’t just make your place more beautiful and stylish; they also make your living more relaxing and enjoyable. Mirrors are the safest, timeless and cheapest way to update the overall look and feel of your home. They come in various. The following are the common options you can choose from:

  • Custom Cut Mirror
  • Safety-Back Mirror
  • Arched Mirror
  • Beveled Mirror
  • Table Mirror
  • Octagon Type
  • Oval Type
  • Beveled Ovals

Here at Glass King, we can design, install and repair any mirror you like. There’s no project too big or small. When it’s about mirrors, there’s nothing we can’t handle. We can design clear, bronze and grey mirrors, and fabricate any kind of edges and cuts. Our custom mirrors are first-class, highly individualized and unique. They can be stylish, curvaceous, sleek, contemporary-looking, vintage, or any way you want. The choices are endless. Sky is the limit. Any size, style or type.

Mirror Replacement

If you feel that your current custom mirrors no longer match with the overall feel of your home or if they have been damaged, broken or chipped, check us out. We perform mirror replacement as well. We can make exactly the same mirror as the one to be replaced, or better yet, we can create a new one for you according to your liking. We can absolutely match your taste. Our team of professionals will get you exactly the kind of mirror you want. We install, replace and repair. Just name it, and we’ll get it done immediately.

We replace, design, install, and repair a variety of mirrors such as the following:

  • Wall Mirrors
  • Closet and Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Commercial Space Mirrors
  • Make-up or Vanity Mirrors
  • Custom Cuts for Wall Outlets and Lights
  • Workout Room Mirrors

When it comes to custom mirrors, Glass King is second to none in Chandler AZ. We are also known for our affordability. We want to provide our customers with top quality mirrors at a price they can afford. We can achieve the look you dream of at reasonable cost. The work we do is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Contact Glass King for an on-site estimate. We will schedule a same-day visit to handle and settle your needs. Call us today for any mirror or glass project that you need. We will be right there to the rescue!

Phoenix Custom Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors, Custom Mirrors, Mirror Replacements, & Mirror Repairs in PhoenixGlass King - Custom Mirrors

Bathroom – Dining Room – Kitchen

DECORATIVE MIRRORS add a touch of beauty and elegance to any room and home. Custom framed mirrors for your bathroom, dining room and kitchen give a brighter appeal, reflecting the available light to create a sense of more space.

For each type of room decorative mirrors refract light, creating the illusion of more space, and enhancing the natural lighting of any room. Decorative mirrors help bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens appear larger than they really are.

Shower Doors Aluminum & Wood Windows

Whether you need CUSTOM mirrors or STANDARD mirrors for your shower door or aluminum or wood window, each is a timeless expression of your home. They can update the look to a more modern appeal or can simply add that extra touch of beauty to your rooms.

Call Glass King today for an appointment to see how we can customize mirrors for your windows or doors.

Need a quick quote?

We’d love to give you a quick estimate on your job right away.