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Most Common Glass Window Problems You Encounter

Do you have glass window problems? Need an easy fix or are you in need of professional help? Think you have a glass window problem but don’t really recognize the type of problem you have?

Below is a list of the most common glass window problems, as well as some ways on how you can deal with them.

Five Common Glass Window Problems and Solutions

  1. Foggy Glass Windows

Having foggy glass windows mean that the insulated seal of your window is broken. This problem occurs when moisture gets trapped in between the panes and condenses. Having this problem doesn’t mean that you should replace the entire window. Sometimes, only the insulated glass unit needs replacement.

Solution: Remove the window sash and have it repaired in a local glass store. Moisture-failed panels can be repaired or replaced easily with new ones.

  1. Faulty Glass Windows

Are your glass windows starting to act up? If it doesn’t stay open or won’t open at all, there must be something wrong with your existing hardware. This might also be the case if your glass windows don’t shut easily. Bear in mind that mechanisms wear out through time. However, there are cases that there is a buildup of debris in the window track that’s why you can’t shut it easily.

Solution: Make sure that there is no debris building up in the window track. You should also clean the moving parts of your glass window and apply lubricant. If a sticky weather stripping makes it hard to open the sash, applying a dry lubricant helps. Just make sure that you don’t use oil lubricant in the weather stripping because it will attract dust and dirt.

  1. Leaking Glass Windows

Apart from not shutting easily, your glass windows not shutting tightly can also pose a problem. Do you see water in the window track when it rains? Does rain water spill inside the house or business establishment during intense rains? The primary cause of this glass window problem might be your window not closing or sealing tightly.

Solution: Make sure that the window track is free from debris or other elements preventing the glass window to shut tightly. If it does shut tight but there’s still water leaking, it might not be a problem with your window but with your roof or siding.

  1. Drafty Glass Windows

Due to seasonal changes, your glass window frames will start to show leaks. This is a sign that your weather stripping is worn down or needs replacement. Weather stripping can be found around the window sash.

Solution: If the weather stripping is peeling off or some chunks are missing, call your trusted handyman or your local glass store to have them replaced. Fixing drafty glass windows will be energy-efficient lowering your energy costs.

  1. Broken Glass Windows

Having broken glass windows don’t just pose as a safety threat to kids roaming around the house. Shattered glass might hurt children of clients if not dealt with instantly. Broken windows also present problems for your family or business’ security. Your home or business can be vulnerable to burglars if you don’t fix the glass window problem right away.

Solution: Fixing broken glass windows might be the easiest to fix among all glass window problems. You just have to call it in or buy the replacement on your own. However, make sure that you have the right measurements when you choose to do-it-yourself.

Contact a Trusted Company to Take Care of Your Glass Window Problems

Most of the glass window problems we’ve mentioned can be dealt on your own. However, if you’re not a fan of DIYs, fixing glass window problems can be challenging.

Note that solutions vary depending on whether you need commercial glass or residential glass.

Commercial establishments tend to have other factors to consider when fixing glass window problems. Having a reliable service provider for all your glass window problems comes in handy during these times. A good service provider will not just repair the problem but will also provide helpful tips in maintaining your glass windows.

If you are in Arizona and in need of home glass repair experts, feel free to contact Glass King. We are one of Arizona’s most trusted glass repair and glass replacement service providers. For us, no work is too big or too small. Worry no more and get in touch with our team of experts today. Call us at 480-389-5656.

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