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Commercial Glass Services in Phoenix

Glass is a primary part or element of most business establishments. Over the years, it has steadily proved to be an important part of a building, both for structural function and aesthetic purpose. However, it is also susceptible to all sorts of damages. The common causes of damage are burglary and accidents. Say, a car accidentally hits your storefront or a natural calamity caused the glass to crack. Luckily, Glass King offers quality commercial glass services if you need help. Our technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable. They can perform the procedure needed at the best quality for a cost even small business owners can afford.


Extensive Commercial Glass Services

At Glass King, we offer a wide array of top quality commercial glass services in Chandler AZ, Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas. We can install, repair or replace; whatever it is that you need. You can always count on us and our team. We are always here to the rescue for all your glass needs. Glass King is your one-stop choice when it comes to all glass-related problems. We can provide board-up services, storefront replacement, glass repair, installation and a lot more. The following are just some of the common glass services we offer for our commercial clients:

  • Tempered Glass Replacement, Installation and Repair
  • Insulated Glass Replacement, Installation and Repair
  • Storefront Door Maintenance
  • Storefront Glass Door Replacement, Installation and Repair
  • Storefront Glass Window Replacement, Installation and Repair
  • Pivots and Closure
  • Plate Glass Replacement, Installation and Repair
  • High-Impact Replacement, Installation and Repair
A nice looking, modern office building in a Chandler AZ office park. The office exterior is white with modern lights hanging on top, with blue accent trim beneath. The photo focuses on newly installed windows from commercial glass services provider Glass King.

Glass King Handles Everything So You Can Run Your Business

When it comes to glass, whether it’s for residential or commercial purpose, Glass King is definitely second to none in the greater Phoenix area. We are the leading provider of both residential and commercial glass services in the area. We are true to our word when we say that we can handle everything glass-related. Because we simply can. We have a great track record and feedback to back that up. Check us out if you want to experience the kind of service that offer. We offer fast on-site estimates as well.

We understand the importance of glass in a commercial establishment. Many parts of the building are now made of glass, which is why we only provide the best quality there is in the market. Our professionally trained staff can handle the following glass-made materials and building parts, and other related things:

  • Door closers
  • Door and sidelite rails
  • Custom pulls
  • Automatic magnetic locks
  • Standard bottom locks
  • Center Casma locks
  • Patch hardware
  • Square and Tapered bottom and top rails
  • Headers and channels
  • Glass stacking partition systems
  • Glass siding door systems
  • Glass pivot door systems


A close up of a commercial office building with beautiful glass windows in front.

Commercial Glass Services For All Purposes

Commercial glass can be used in various purposes. Glass walls, doors and storefronts are pretty much common now in modern-inspired buildings. The great thing about glass than concrete walls and other types of materials is that it adds visual appeal and dramatic entrance to the establishment. They can make your business, however small or big it is, look more professional, classy and contemporary. It does not just create visual impact and design flexibility, it also adds to the strength and functionality of the whole structure. The design and structure must go together in harmony. Never compromise one for the other. That is why it is very important that the glass you use are highly tested and well-engineered. They must pass the safety requirements. Good for you, all the glass we use here at Glass are of top quality. Our commercial glass services are simply the best in the area.

All Commercial Building Types in Chandler and Beyond

We can provide services for all kinds of commercial spaces and establishments. Whether it’s a bank, condo unit, hotel, store, or retail stall, we are more than capable to get the job done in time, at the best results possible. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or if your establishment is 30 stories high. As long as your needs are glass-related, call us and we’ll set you up with our technicians!

So if your company is in need of high quality commercial glass services, choose Glass King. We have a very experienced team who can exceed you expectations. We can surely handle all your glass needs. Check us out if you want to find out more about our services and products. If you just let us do the work, we will make your commercial establishment look more dependable, professional and classy with our glass services. Expect best quality at a price you can afford.

More About Our Commercial Glass Services

High quality, trustworthy, and dependable commercial glass companies in Phoenix AZ can be difficult to find. Does your office or business in Phoenix, AZ need commercial glass servicing? Glass King offers commercial glass repair and commercial glass replacement services throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. Our manufacturers offer a variety of decorative glass, including glass handrails, glass doors, customer and standard mirrors, glass table tops and more! We install a wide variety of commercial glass.

Broken glass? We highly advise caution against any non-glass professional handle broken glass. Let our experts take the risk, not you or your employees.

We offer commercial glass services for the following areas:

  • New Construction
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Strip Mall
  • Free Standing Building
  • & More

Contact Glass King today at 480-906-2573 to discuss your needs for new development project glass. We can work closely with your bid team to ensure fast and fair pricing on commercial glass jobs and rest assured that we can handle most commercial glass requirements.

No matter where your commercial building is located you can trust Glass King. We work with just about any type of commercial glass structure and commercial glass product. We can handle glass removal too. Your store front glass is the face of your business. Don’t let that face of your business remain scratched, chipped, or broken. It’s been well known that clients can turn away from a business if the appearance is less than professional.

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