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Claire Tow Theater: Glass in Metropolitan Architecture

This is an architecture minute, as we at Chandler glass repair have a unique taste for glass architecture and believe that modern architecture is impossible without glass. We have decided to look closer at one of the latest glass inventions in America – Claire Tow Theater – which was described by the New York Times as a “black box for experimental productions”. The theater is a remarkable addition to the existing Lincoln Center, which has sufficient space for approximately 100 people and creates a unique theatrical atmosphere.

Why speak about this theater here? We believe that it is one of the most interesting objects of glass design recently created in America. Actually, it is a huge square glass box, 23,000 square feet large, designed with the use of aluminum louvers that protect it from excessive sunlight. It operates like a huge glass span, as the New York Times calls it, which unites Saarinen’s columns with Beaumont and creates a wonderful glass ensemble. The best time to enjoy the beauty of the theatrical hall is at night, when the theatre looks like a transparent rectangle shining from the inside.

From the article published in the New York Times, we have learned that the discussed architectural project was managed and designed by Hugh Hardy, a renowned architect and artist. Hardy has been in glass architecture for at least 50 years. Therefore, his experience and creativity are difficult to underestimate. We at glass repair Chandler believe that the theater is one of the best examples of modern metropolitan glass architecture. Yes, metropolitan, because the design fits perfectly well into the metropolitan atmosphere, where individuals seek comfort and solitude while also staying connected to the rest of the world. Just imagine yourself, sitting in a transparent box, watching performance and, meanwhile, seeing how the sun is going down in the sky. This is a unique impression, when you can finally stay alone with yourself without betraying the values and principles of the urbanized world.

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