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Chandler Tells the Story of the Glass Beach

Glass is everywhere – in bottles and windows, in banks and cars. Glass is everywhere, and Glass Replacement Queen Creek has discovered a unique place, which is integrally linked to glass. The place we are talking about is the Glass Beach – one of the most unique and beautiful places in California. It is unique not because the natural forces have shaped it but because a huge mistake made by humans was later corrected by with the help of the pounding surf and time…

Since the end of the 1940s, the place which we now call the “glass beach” used to be a dump. In other words, people would throw their waste directly into the ocean. Surprising as it may seem, there were no environmental laws at that time, and water pollution was natural, continuous, and legal. Actually, water resources all over the United States suffered the tragic effects of human activity. Rivers were dried or polluted, simply because manufacturers and businessmen were not legally required to establish and run systems to purify their wastes and reduce the scope of pollution in water. Thus, the place where the glass beach is located was merely one element of the complex pollution machine set in motion all over the United States.

The types of waste thrown into the Californian ocean ranged from household garbage to old cars. It is no wonder that so much glass accumulated along the California shores. It was not before the beginning of the 1960s that using the ocean and beaches for dumping was banned. No toxic waste would be thrown into the water anymore. Glass Replacement Queen Creek also learned that in 1967 the dumping practices were moved farther from the ocean and a new dumping place was created to avoid further harm to the nature.

30 years passed after the tragedy. Finally, the nature and the ocean were able to reclaim their right to occupy the beach. Pounding waters have polished thousands of tons of glass on the beach. Those who come here can see millions of glass pieces sparkling in the sun. To make this place even more attractive, local authorities have put a ban on collecting the glass pieces on the beach. Here, glass reminds humans of the pains and sufferings they have caused to the ecology and nature.

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