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Chandler Glass: Want a Digitally Augmented Mirror?

Information technologies are becoming inseparable from our daily routines. Communication and interaction solutions are entering the most unexpected areas of our lives. Glass Replacement Chandler, better than anybody else, knows what it takes to produce innovative glass products. Of particular problem is making these products suitable and usable in individuals’ daily lives. Just recently the R&D lab of the New York Times newspaper developed a digital mirror. You can use this mirror to deal with and process your personal data while you are doing your “morning work”. Just imagine yourself talking to your own digital reflection; the latter helps you to make up your schedule for the day while you are cleaning your teeth and washing your face! Glass Replacement Chandler decided to look deeper into the nature and properties of the product.

Basically, the digitally enhanced mirror has the surface covered with semi-reflective glass, beneath a specially designed graphic digital layer. This is how the mirror can detect the presence of objects and react to gestures. The mirror possesses unique technical and reflection properties: for example, its graphic layer can detect and analyze changes in facial expressions and guess what exactly you wish to do – sing a song in the shower, find your shaving gel or incorporate changes into your calendar. Definitely, this mirror is a couple of steps ahead of everything we have seen in the glass industry so far. However, as we talk about the usability and suitability of various digital solutions, this invention also raises the question of applicability in routine situations. The New York Times claims that there is still a long way to making the augmented mirror widely applicable. Rather, it is a concept that indicates the direction in which the entire glass industry is currently moving. Nonetheless, it is clear that the invention of such a mirror exposes the complexity of the information-human relationship. Information is becoming more important in human lives. Personally, I am not sure if I wish to have such a mirror in my own bathroom – I am not confident that the mirror will be able to guess and react to the range of facial expressions I have when I wake up early in the morning!!

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