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Chandler Glass: How To Make Glass Energy Efficient?

In the two previous blogs we were talking about the role and place of energy efficiency and environmental protection in the U.S. glass industry. We discussed the meaning and costs of energy in the glass industry in America and tried to see what exactly U.S. glass manufacturers were doing to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce the effects of their production on the environment. Glass Replacement Gilbert concluded that glass manufacturers in America were doing a lot to make themselves more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. However, we did not answer a very important question: what exactly should U.S. glass manufacturers do to reduce their energy expenditures?

Glass Replacement Gilbert believes that answering this question is impossible without developing the basic understanding of the glass melting process; the latter is considered as the most energy-intensive in the entire glass manufacturing cycle. U.S. manufacturers cannot conserve energy and achieve a better quality of capital investments without making relevant and feasible changes to the glass melting process. The most important changes are to be made in melting, and most technologies implemented to conserve energy will have to touch the melting aspect of glass manufacturing in the U.S. In its current state, the glass industry in America relies on the melting principles developed at the end of the 19th century. Despite the recent advancement of technologies, principles of melting and production have been mostly the same. Glass Replacement Gilbert believes that the development of U.S. glass manufacturing in the 20th century was devoid of revolutionary changes, and it is high time for the industry to turn itself toward new technologies. This being said, achieving greater energy efficiency in the U.S. Glass industry is possible only by means of developing a radically new melting process. The operating margins of glass manufacturers need to be assessed. Eventually, we believe that meeting these goals is possible only with continuous collaboration and support of all manufacturers. A combined effort is needed to ensure smooth and continuous implementation of energy efficient technologies.

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